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DVD/Videos: ABT Le Corsaire DVD

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I've enjoyed my DVD of ABT's LeCorsaire for many years and thought it would make a great Birthday gift for a friend of mine who's just getting into ballet - she loves Ethan Stiefel. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find one for sale anywhere. Even Amazon only has some used copies - and at outrageous prices. What's up? Must say I think it's fabulous that the DVD is popular enough to sell out. If it sold that well though, shouldn't ABT release more? They are still selling DVDs from ballets performed 30 years ago so I wonder why I can't find a copy of this more recent performance DVD. Any idea where I can get a new one of these or will I just have to invite my friend over to watch mine? Thanks.


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Maybe this helps you: http://www.amazon.de/corsaire-American-Bal...0743&sr=8-1


Its the german amazon, they still have three pices in stock, if it's the version you mean. But I don't know, if it would be possible for you to watch german version DVDs.

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Ruth, if you order from abroad, make sure that your DVD player is multi-regional. Good luck!

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Ruth, we seem to be in a period of publishing where intellectual property has become a hot item. It used to be that if an edition of a video sold out, there would be a new impression made right away to succeed it. Now, artists, particularly in dance, are becoming leery of their works becoming so generally distributed that they may be freely imitated. Reproduction rights are therefore being rather limited, right from the signing of the contract to record at all, with a stipulation made as to how many total copies may be made. As time goes on, these numbers may be renegotiated, but the publishers have to be convinced that the venture is worth the followup investment.

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Wow, I never realized there was more than one "Amazon.com". Unfortunately, it looks like the German version DVD is region 2 only and I doubt my friend could play it here. Thanks for the heads-up Dance Scholar. I get what you're saying about publishing rights these days. The internet is a great resource but it has had negative effects throughout the arts. Pirated CDs, DVDs are everywhere. In fact when I was searching for the Le Corsaire DVD I found a Chinese website offering it but the network administrators here have set up a system to screen for all kinds of bad stuff and I got a big warning message on my screen that the website did not appear legitimate. Such a shame as ballet companies are always so in need of revenue and if the LeCorsaire DVD sold out that quickly they could have obviously made more money on it. Well, in the future at least I know to purchase new ballet DVDs right away so I don't miss my chance. Thanks everyone!


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