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Is a day of rest necessary for improvement?


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As for my recovery, It's going really well. I can dance 2 hours every day now. I'd still like to be doing more, but I guess it's better than nothing. Because I can stretch as much as I'd like, I have been stretching a ton for about the past 3 weeks. My stretches and excercizes have continued to become better and better every day, but today it seems like a rut. The flexibility isn't there and I just seem a little off. I was wondering if I should relax for the rest of the day and just try again tomorrow or if I should just try to work through it. I've heard that professionals (correct me if I'm wrong) have to take a day off every week. Is a day off needed in order to improve?

Because I have had a long break, I don't want to take any breaks that I don't have to take. I want to improve as quickly as I can. The good thing is that now when i'm dancing it feels like I'm about to where I was before I had to take a break from dancing. I have some private classes this week so I guess i'll get to see if that's true!

Thanks for all the help! I'm so glad that I found ballettalk! :yes:

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Yes, a day off is advisable. :thumbsup: Take a day to explore the various roads in life. :) You have not been stretching that long. Your original posts on BT4D stated you were not allowed to exercise at all. You are making progress. Be patient. The road to success is a long one. :wink:

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Thanks for the advice! Yea, I guess I just got a little freaked out too easily. You're right, I really haven't been stretching for that long. I just get nervous a lot that I am wayyy behind where I should be. By the end of tonight, my stretches had even improved some. I think that I just woke up with tight muscles.

I didn't excercize and really dance a lot though to give myself some rest. I'll be back at it tomorrow! :)

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