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Books: Big Book of Ulanova

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My mentor mentioned this book, I believe it's a coffee table edition, a couple of months ago as one that she'd like. She even had me look for it on NY Strand's list when I was hunting for something else, but it wasn't listed. Has anyone heard of it/know where I could track it down? I'd love to be able to give something substantial to this woman, as she is like a second mother to me.

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That sounds suspiciously like Days With Ulanova by Albert E. Kahn. It's available via Amazon.com.

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here are further particulars, i've seen this book variously for sale on on the web and from used-book vendors:


Days with Ulanova; an intimate portrait of the legendary Russian ballerina, by Albert E. Kahn. With an introduction by Arnold L. Haskell.[New York] Simon and Schuster [1978, c1962]

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But when anybody buys through the Amazon banner on our masthead, we get a little "finder's fee". Members, please note the next time a birthday comes up! :)

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Mel is that just for Amazon.com or for all the Amazon stores? I tend to buy through Amazon.co.uk.


I have the book by the way - I received it as a school leaving gift in July 1963 from my arts day school. It was a very small school and only three of us left that year to go on to the RBS, which is why they could afford to buy us such an expensive book! It's beautiful.

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I've never had to access amazon.co.uk, but my understanding is that it can be reached through the amazon masthead. Anyway, if you do go through our banner, it puts an identifier on the order, and we eventually benefit.

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