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Hello knc2988, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :yes:


Since you have stated that you are a teacher, I wonder if perhaps your question needs to go on Adult Ballet Students or the Teachers' forum? Is the question based on what you would like to know about other students, or about teachers? The 17-22 Young Dancers caqtegory is usually upper teens who are near high school graduation, or college students studying ballet.

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My question is for those currently studying dance at the ages of 17-22 as I am only 20 years old myself although I am a teacher :)

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Well, to give you some specifics, here's the resistance and strength training regimen I currently do 3 times a week and have been for about 6 months now. Note: I've had good results from this, however I've tweaked, altered, and built upon it as I went depending on how effectively the target muscles are accessed as well as how strenuously they work.


3 times a week



Everything is one set


30 Standing Shoulder Presses, 30 lbs dumbbell

30 Standing Bicep Curls, 17.5 lbs dumbbell

30 Bench Presses, 35 lbs. dumbbell

30 Triceps Curls, 60 lbs machine weight

30/30 Lying Parallel Leg Circles, clockwise/counter clockwise

30/30 Lying Adductor Leg Lifts, right and left

30/30 Parallel Prone Leg Lifts, right and left

30/30 Parallel Lying Face up Leg Lifts, right and left

30-30 Lying Quadriceps Extensions, right and left

30 Bicycles, targeting the transverse abdominus

30 Straight Leg Bicycles, targeting the transverse abdominus

60 Beated Pilates Hundreds

30 Back Lifts

30/30 Theraband Foot Sickles, targeting Peroneus Muscles

30/30 Theraband Foot Sickles, targeting Anterior Tibialis Muscles

30/30 Slow Point/Flex Ankle Circles (burns like all get out by the end!!!)

30/30 Slow Parallel Point/Flex Foot Contagion

30 Parallel Releves, with a pinkie ball between ankles to ensure alignment

30 First Position Releves

30/30 Parallel Fondues, right and left

30/30 Turned Out Fondues, right and left


Seems like a bunch on paper, but really only takes me about 45-min to an hour. The leg, foot, and core stuff has definitely helped with the ballet technique, and the weights help a little with partnering but are mainly there to keep me looking fit...I've been pleased with it and it's brief enough for me to keep up with regularly.


I also have a stretching regimen I try to do every day I have ballet, but I do it as close to immediately following a ballet class as I can. Stretching at home just doesn't do it for me, too cold by then.

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