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turns from fifth


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I was just hoping to get some advice...


Well in class today we were doing turns from fifth on pionte. I was practicing on the side and I was doing good triple but when it was my turn to do the combination I was falling out of my doubles. This happens to me all the time with turns and I don't really know why. It's kind of frustrating.




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Sounds like excess tension when you are doing them in front of the teacher, instead of on your own. This is kind of normal, actually, but is something that you need to overcome. It's a confidence factor. :) If you can do them, then you have to know and believe that, and just do them. They are the same turns. Do what you do when you do them on your own. :yes: If you like, and decide that they are fun, that will help. :)

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One of my dance teachers told me that sometimes I concentrate too hard when I do pirouettes and that it was causing me to stiffen up a bit too much. It helped me a lot to just relax a bit.

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That's what I used to do a lot, too. I had a teacher who made me jump around with everything loose (kind of flinging my body everywhere) to get me to loosen up.

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Thank You Ms. Leigh and everybody else:)


I will work on my confidence and staying realaxed and not tensing up when I do them:)

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I've been told when my teacher tells me to 'pull up' , I tend to fall back, because I lean back. It's just the pressure of dancing in front of teacher. It happens to everyone! :flowers: Good for you though, turns from fifth are challenging! If you're falling, it depends on which way you're falling


back- leaning back/ abs not working hard enough

front- leaning forward

sides- pulling hip up too much/ vice versa


hope this helps :clover:

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pb13, several of your posts are getting very close to being "advice". Teens are not allowed to give technical advice on this board. You may say what helps you, or what your teacher said, but do not try to correct or diagnose someone else's problems. That is the job of the teacher-moderators.


Please read your email and slow down on the posting. You are way over the limit for today.

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