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Some corrections I am getting

jane s

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After I posted on the Buddy Board, Redbookish suggested I put this here.


I am now in a new class with a teacher who corrects me properly, and it is only now that I truly realise that there is no way I was ever going to make much progress in my old class. I was getting hardly any personal (as opposed to general) feedback or corrections whatsover, probably because they had already written me off as useless.


My upper body posture is all wrong - even though I had thought I understood how to "pull up", in reality I was only "pulling in".


I now understand how to tendu through the feet (after years & years, no-one had ever told me I was doing it wrong!)


She has shown us the proper arm positions (OK, so I have to get used to new names for them in the new syllabus, but no matter) and I have learned how to hold my turnout - & I can already see a massive improvement in this.


The reason I lose my balance in pirouettes is because I "tilt" my head instead of just turning it when I try to spot.


The one correction I don't really understand though (& I have had this in Modern as well) is that I do not "finish off" my movements. Intellectually I understand what this means, but practically I don't know what I have to do to address it. How can I tell if I am doing it or not? There must be something fundamental I am not doing, but is it physical or emotional?

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It is very nice to hear you have found a teacher you are feeling is actually doing the teaching part of ballet, enjoying yourself and making progress. :) As for the finished off aspect of movement, every step in ballet has criteria for execution/mechanics and goals as well as musical and artistic guidelines. When you are learning new movements in simple form, it is sometimes easier to see how a movement is actually composed of various components of positions and poses of the arms, legs, head and eyes/focus. Being musically correct has wonderful results mechanically. Pay attention to the musicality your teacher is setting and ask questions about it. Lack of musicality can make a dancer look sluggish and uncoordinated. It may also help you to have a snapshot in your mind of what the movement looks like when caught in a photograph, at the height of the movement and push yourself to be there. What is the highest point of upward and outward thrust/energy versus returning to the beginning. As in literature, speak words clearly (steps) before composing sentences (combinations). This can lead to paragraphs (variations) and eventually books (choreography/ballets).


Be patient. It is a long road with many twists and turns that can take you in many directions. :yes:

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every step in ballet has criteria for execution/mechanics and goals as well as musical and artistic guidelines.


Yes, I think I am getting stuck on the mechanical & musical, & it is the "artistic" part that is missing....

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