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Dont know whether we already have one of these but thought I would post one just in case.

Any embaressing things ever happen to you in class?



I was doing a grand jete and nearly went flying into my teacher it was so embaressing, I could see everybody was dying to laugh! the shame..... :)

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Today we were running a Vivaldi piece and I accidentally smacked my partner in the head. She had a scarf too (a prop) and she got wrapped up in it. Good going, Dana.


And in an adult class, one of the ladies was singing opera to the song. My partner and I didnt want to laugh, but it was so random, and quite hilarious.

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O where do I start?! :)

Well in 3rd grade we were practicing pas de chats. I have no idea how I did it, but I managed to have my second leg trip over my first leg when in came down. I fell down on the floor. :D

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a few weeks ago I was to busy spotting and not paying attention where I was going and I hit into the wall! yeah pretty embarassing. LOL. :o

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we were running snow during class and during the really slow calm part of the music I had to run to a different spot and I slipped and hit the floor so hard that I swear I thought the floor shook! I wasn't hurt, but I think it was the momentum of my running that made me hit the ground so hard! So now all of my friends give me a look when we get to that part of snow like they want to say don't trip this time! : )

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My sister was practising bluebird for YAGP, and she was practising one of the kicks with her legs. And one of the guys on the side was watching, and laughing and saying how he could easily do that, so he go's to kick his leg and his bottom foot comes out from under him and he ends up landing flat on his face. it was hysterical!

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OMG! when i was like 11 or 12 i was doing my like 2nd nutcracker and during the snow sceen, i was singing the tune kind of lound during the quiet part and one of the girls came off and told me to stop! I was so embarassed for my age! but i learned my lesson! haha and also when i was like 9 i was doing an ensemble audition for acro and i was doing this forward roll thing where you have to go forward but on you belly instead of a your spine/back, kindof like an inverted forward roll, but anyways i got stuck in it rite in the middle of my audition! :D

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When I was about eight, we were about to do chasse but I forgot what it was. When the teacher said, "ok class. lets practice out chasse," I started doing another step across the floor, to show off and my teacher stopped me and said, "ashley, thats not a chasse."

Another one is when i was about the same age, we were going to do grand jete towards the corner. Some for my friends were doing grand jete and then landing on their feet and sliding, standing up towards the wall. I tried to do it, slipped, fell and slid into the wall in a heap. very embarrassing . :):sweating:

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Our class was doing grand jetes around the room and i tried to fit in one more

and i couldn't really do another one so i went into the shelving and i knocked

over ALL of the dance CDs and DVDs. It was horrible! I felt so bad and there

were about 100 of them. I put all of them away after class though so that made

me feel better :)

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One of my friends (also a girl) was pretending to partner me in a pierouette and she let go of my waist and I sort of fell and everyone was staring at me...never tried that again haha.

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Well, a month ago while in rehearsal, we were practicing our modern piece and we had to run backward off the stage. Well, I just kept running backwards and I thought it was weird and then all of the sudden boom! I hit the wall.

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I did a clean triple. Then I went for a water break. I came back and attempted a triple again. One rotation. Two. Then somehow I was flat on my butt for the whole class to see.

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Melissa, I had to completely edit your post. Again. I do believe I have explained to you that we do not use text message typing on this board. Please write in proper English, using upper case where they are required, and punctuation so that your posts will be literate.

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I have had so many mistakes in our partnering class, I don't know where to begin..... well at one point we were practicing running sit lifts (or shoulder sits), basically you run towards your partner, jump and flip in the air and he "scoops" you onto his shoulder. So I begin to run at him, jump, and my knee hits his chin as I flip around! :P He was bleeding and I was so embarrassed and upset. :crying:

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At a recital recently at the end of my classes' dance everyone was supposed to run off stage left. as I was running off I looked back and noticed that everyone else had ran off the other side :)

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