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Becoming a Professional dancer


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Good for you!!! :unsure:


What is good for your morale is good for you, and good for your dancing. Persevere! :wub:

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hey cwalden, this is ann from DW in BR...who are you? i can't read member profiles for some reason.

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Ann, it is because both of you are still new members that you cannot see profiles. But we do not recommend that personal posts between individuals, with or without private information, be posted on the board, as it then becomes chat rather than discussion of a topic.

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Here's the deal: Ballet is extremely competitive (duh), so if you want to dance professionally you have to bring something to the table that separates you from the other hundreds of people trying to get the job/school spot/whatever.


If you're short... so what? Sure, some people bring wicked bodies to the table... and that's great for them, but if you go into an audition in the best shape you can be in and bust off technique with laser-beam precision while "wicked body girl" looks insecure and a bit awkward, somebody is going to notice you.


You have to take control over the things that can be controlled. Height can't be controlled, so let that one go and blow them away technically and artistically.


There's a lot that goes into refining the technique to this level, but dedication is top of the list. I'm not talking about perfect attendance. I'm talking about a love for the art and a desire to extract some knowledge or experience out of every moment during the class. Showing up every day and waiting for the ballet fairy to bestow this technique upon you usually doesn't pan out.


After a career in ballet, here's what I would go back to the beginning and tell myself if I could: At the end of every class, sincerely ask yourself "How did I improve as a dancer during that class?" If you can't think of anything, you just wasted an hour and a half of your life. If you can always think of something, then the sky's the limit. I don't care how short you are.

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OldSchool, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wallbash:


I have to acquaint you with the board netiquette with regard to Young Dancers' Forums. The only posters who are supposed to use them are the teacher/moderators dedicated to them, who are Victoria Leigh, vrsfanatic, Clara 76, and I. We and the named students are the only posters who should be posting to this forum.


This is your first post, so it really is harmless, as you have written the truth, but we do run a fairly tight "classroom" here.

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