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Rhtyhmic gymnastics and ballet...it's not working well!

{Polina Fan}

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So I've been doing ballet for about 10 years, and I've also been doing a little bit of study in contortion. And now that I have gained a lot of flexibility, I decided to take up rhythmic gymnastics as well. I take ballet classes outside of rhythmic gymnastics, and I figured it would HELP me, because RG is closely related to ballet. But turns out, some things are very different. Like splits, for instance. In ballet, or at least as I've grown up to know, your hips are allowed to have some turnout. After doing 10 years of ballet, I'm in splits on both sides, and they are the "ballet splits" with turnout in the hips. But in RG, your hips have to be as square as possible.


There are also some others, but my main question is how do you deal with being trained in two things, when in places they go against eachother? Hopefully this makes some sense :dry:



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The quick answer is, if you have career ambitions toward one thing or another, and they conflict, whatever isn't that has to go.

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Paper Bag, sorry, but your post is gone because this is the YD 13-16 forum. I know you are new, so this is just to tell you that no one is allowed to post here except that age group and the 3 teacher-moderators. Your post also contained advice, and that is not allowed on either of the YD boards. Anecdotal experience in the topic, AFTER a teacher-moderator has responded, is fine, but only on the board for your age group. :dry:


Polina Fan, if you are intending to dance professionally, I suggest that you stop the RG. There is not only conflict, but you are putting time and energy and money into something else instead of ballet. At your age, IF you want to be a ballet dancer, then everything needs to go to your training specifically for that. It can, and should, certainly include other forms of dance, but RG is not considered one of those.


IF however, you are planning to continue in RG and ballet is an adjunct, that is fine. It unfortunately works well one way, but not the other.

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