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Hi everyone,

I am just wondering what some exercises that I can do for turn out are. I want to have good turnout hopefully by the spring. Currently I do the butterfly and frog stretch, is there anything else?

Thank You

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ccdancer, turnout is not accomplished in a set time frame. It takes years and years of hard work and patience. The most important thing is to learn to USE what you have really well! There are no magic exercises. It's about the day to day work. All of the barre exercises utilize turn out, and when worked properly, they will, over time, help you increase your rotation. The best is rond de jambe à terre. If you really focus on what you are doing and work one hip against the other, maintaining your very best rotation on each movement, there is really nothing better than that.


You might want to search on YD using turn out and rotation as key words. We have tons of topics about this! :(

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Just be sure to make the search on "turnout", as "turn out" will cause the software to stop the search. One of the words has fewer than four letters, and it won't search for that.

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