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facing a dilemma


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okay, let me start off by saying i absolutely love to dance, it means everything to me. I have the passion and drive to dance. I love ballet alot, its what i've been doing since i was four, but how do I know that I want to make it my career when there are so many other artforms to explore?

I am a sophmore in high school, and I want to explore other options while taking ballet, but what if I fall in love with another art form, will it be too late to persue it as a career? is it too late??? Am I too old???

im 14, by the way.

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What's your hurry? In most states in the US, you can't start fulltime work under 16, so what other options did you have in mind? Does it have to be in arts? How about law, medicine, sandhogging?


By the way, I don't see a horn here. That's what "dilemma" means. "Di" = two, "lemma" = horn. If you do something you love, then no problem. In a dilemma, you are faced with two equally unpleasant alternatives.

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BalletQT, exploring other art forms is fine, and something that can actually enhance your dancing. It is possible to "explore" them without going into them with the same kind of total commitment that you have to your dancing. I think that concern about your future is okay, to a point, but "what if's" are really not very helpful at age 14. If you have found what you love to do at this point in your life, you are one of the lucky ones, in my opinion. Ballet takes that kind of focus and devotion, but it is not so exclusive that you cannot study other things as well. Are there some particular things you have in mind that you would like to explore?

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sorry about using dilema in the wrong way or whatever.





i think im just trying to look out for my future kind of,i tend to worry alot :yes:, and i feel i kind of signed my life to ballet, and i love that, but im just wondering if thats the right choice...

i think every teenager goes through this lol.

i really want to explore modern and contemporary :yes:

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Ballet dancers can also study modern and contemporary. In fact, they should.

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