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Pineapple or Urdang?

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I have been looking at what classes I can (a) afford and (B.) get to.


So as I always do I look to the future not the present.




BEG = Thurs

BEG/ELEM = Mon & Thurs*

INT = Fri

INT/ADV = Sat *




BEG = Mon

ELEM = Tue


GEN (POINT) = Tue *




* same teacher


with Urdang there looks to be a jump from BEG to ELEM where as with Pineapple they have BEG/ELEM.


I could just about afford both the BEG classes. Should I do both or stick to one studio? Would Urdang, as it's a school, be the best place to go to even though they only have one class a level each week?


Any schools that do ANY exams for adults?

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Do you have a membership at pineapple? Otherwise, you will have to add the membership (day-pass or yearly membership) on top of your calculation.

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Do you have a membership at pineapple? Otherwise, you will have to add the membership (day-pass or yearly membership) on top of your calculation.


yes I have a year one

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It would help if you told us something about your level and experience. I note that you've listed a couple of pointe classes, but if you're a beginner, I would assume (hope!) that you're not on pointe!


What's your past experience? what are your ballet goals? where have you danced before? these things will help members here who take class at either or both studios to give you information drawn from their own experience.


Generally, we can't make the comparisons for you -- other members can give you their first hand experience, and then it's up to you to match that to your own needs and goals.

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like I said I'm always looking ahead. Not looking to do pointe (if ever) for years.


I've danced before as a kid for 8ish years did a few exams in RAD I think it was.


I'm looking to start again at a BEG level & in a year see how I feel about moving to a new level BEG/ELEM or ELEM or just staying where I am.


Not looking at it as a career I'm now 26

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I seriously thought this was a question about fruit. I was like, "What's urdang?"


You can tell I've been away a while.




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Pineapple or Urdang... coffee or tea :-)))



Urdang is a performing arts school in Central London. They do offer evening class (for adults). Pineapple is one of the big 'open classes' studios.

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I'll take ice cold tea with enough sugar to kill a person...........southern style! :dry:


I'm so jealous of you guys! I had very few options in Hawaii and even fewer here in Colorado. :sweating:

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well I've decided on Pineapple and an other dance school which do ISTD and let adults do exams :wacko:


I think I did IDTA as a kid though looking at info on the school it says the teacher does RAD so she must have changed it.


I found out some photos of me doing one of my first exams, wearing my uniform with the blue waist thingy and my doll lol I can't remember the name of the girl who danced with me.

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