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I was watching a video of myself dancing in a rehearsal and I was not pleased with how I used my arms. They were much too "flowy" and soft, so my jumps did not look like they had power, and overall, I had a weak look. Is there any way I can train myself to make my arms look stronger for everything, especially jumps and pirouettes? Any visuals or metaphors to think about? My arms are perfect for adagio-type things, but not for faster things. I don't want them to look stiff either.

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I would rather have them too loose that too stiff any day! Much easier to correct limp arms than rigid arms. :lol:


Mark through the allegro combinations doing the port de bras. Make sure that you are coordinating it with the movement and supporting it from your back. It's just a matter of practice, like anything else. If it doesn't work in class, then practice it after class until your body understands the movement with the arms connected and supported, but still moving!

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