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I take tap as well as ballet, but i was wondering, is tap okay if you want to become a ballerina??? I here lots of people say its good because it gives you rythm, but all the girls who take tap as well as ballet have kind of bad feet. So i was wondering if tap affects your arches???

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It depends on how much tap you are doing, in terms of whether it is good or not. But, it's not going to hurt your arches. They are there, they are structural, and so are the insteps. As long as you are working them well in ballet, don't worry about it. If you are just taking one class a week, I would not worry about it at all. It's not going to destroy anything you already have. Doing it every day might be a bit hard on the joints and the feet, but, if it's just an adjunct class, and not intensive, fine.

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It's fine, but just don't forget your top priority and end up overbooking yourself with too many extras.

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Yeah I just hear that nowadays its good to be able to do jazz, modern, tap... but you're right that I shouldnt overwork and lose my focus of ballet.



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