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On her pinky


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I have a younger sister who is en pointe and I noticed that she is on her pinky in her pointe shoes.. this worries me because couldn't she hurt her ankle because of it? How does she get off her pinky? Are there any excercises to build strength in the feet or ankles that would help? Thank you in advance for any advice you have. :)

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Josie, how old is she? It sounds to me like she does not have the rotation and strength to be on pointe. If you can't get up on the center of the box, then you should not be in pointe shoes.

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She's almost 12.

Could it also be the ankles? I'm not sure but that's what I seem to have heard...

Where would she need to build strength to fix it?

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Ankle strength is also important. If she is not strong enough in any area she should not be in pointe shoes. I suggest that you read the "Sticky" topic, on this forum, entitled "Facts of Life About Pointe Work".


[i moved this topic to YD because it is really not about shoes, it's about technique and strength for doing pointe work.]

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One foot is not ready for pointe. That means she should not yet be on pointe.


Did you read the Sticky that I asked you to read?

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