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Difference between styles?


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In the next year or so, I might be relocating from Sacramento, CA to Chicago, IL. I was thinking about taking classes at Ballet Chicago, as they seem to be the best pre-professional studio in the area. However, I noticed that the teaching style is Balanchine.


My studios are not strictly Balanchine, Vaganova, RAD, or Cechetti. They both are a mixture of all styles. Would there be a huge difference going from my school to a Balanchine based school?


(sorry if I spelled anything incorrectly!)




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There would be some significant differences, but, any system depends on who is teaching it. The only way to know in this case would be to try a couple of classes and see. You might love it, you might not. But, it's not the only school in Chicago.

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I know. I have heard that it is one of the best, and it is in a conveniant location.


If we do make the move, I will try out classes at many other places also.


Could you tell me what some of the major differences are?

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The differences are not in nomenclature, which is pretty well based on Cecchetti names, but in the execution of certain elements of barre and steps. The most prominent of the differences is in en dehors pirouettes from fourth position, where the back leg is straight and the front leg is bent when the turn starts. There are many other smaller things, but that's about the most obvious one. I don't know how closely Mr. Duell follows the "Balanchine Machine", but his training before he went to SAB was in the International, or Eclectic style, which is what you do.

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Molly72, as Major Johnson has stated, in Vaganova, the back leg in 4th is straight, but bends/softens just before the turn. The weight however must remain on the front leg in the demi plie. It is also known as deeping the demi plie before the turn. As for Balanchine, I believe the back leg is taught to be straight for the push off of the turn, no bending/softening of the back leg at all. :)

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