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Hi !

I'm an adult intermediate amateur, and I'll be in Oxford from the 1rst of August for a little more than a week . I'm used to 4 floor barre or ballet classes per week, so I was wondering if any of you knew of open classes in Oxford this summer ?

Thank you ! :)

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Calling Ami???


Could I suggest doing a search of this site or a google search. I googled "ballet classes oxford uk" and got the page you can click on here.


From that search, this site from Oxford City Council offers you a useful pdf to download, with details of adult classes. However, I would telephone or e-mail beforehand, as a lot of studios close over August.

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I had a similar query earlier in the year - and I suggest you follow up the info on the Oxford City info sheet that comes up with the links that Redbookish said. However, I'll just add two things:


1. Dont even THINK of going to the Rover Sports and Social club on the Wednesday (if you go, you'll see what I mean, turn right round, and go home).


2. Yuka Kodama's email address is not Yuka-Kodama@yahoo.com as in the list, but instead is Yuka_Kodama@yahoo.com.


Yes, lots of things shut in August.



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Hi there,


I just left Oxford two weeks ago (sob sob sob. ... :yes: ), but I danced there for 8 years. I did direct Jim to a list of classes, but I still stand by the ones I recommend; and I'm positive that most people would agree with me (I danced with all the teachers within cycling distance of Oxford City Centre -- so not some of the further out ones that Jim has noted). If you wish to know about the other classes/teachers, you can read some of the posts when I first joined... (and probably shared too much!) or PM me.


A lot is closed right now, but should be starting again in August, with the exception of Lisia Moala's classes (for happy reasons!). With that in mind, I'd always, always, always recommend Susie Crow. One of the best teachers I've found EVER in my entire dancing career, very patient, truly brilliant, and completely involved in pedagogy training (she danced with the Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet, and went on to a degree in Dance Education, and now trains others... she also works with several of the leading schools in the UK, and has won a variety of awards. But, beyond that, she's just a fabulous teacher). I think she's on holiday now, but should be starting up again next week or so. If you PM me, I'll pass on her email address. Penny (East Oxford School of Ballet) should be starting up again as well in August... I think I still have her number written down, I'll have a look for you.


And, if you want an extra class, there are some good pilates/yoga classes around.


Obviously, if you ever head into London, your choice expands greatly!

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thank you very much for your answers ! I did google it and found the Oxford council page, but I'm a bit shy and didn't dare phone either of the studios... :wacko:


ami, I'll try the ones you suggest, and I'll have a look at Redbookish's link ...thanks !


I'm also interested in Pilates, not so much yoga ...


I usually go to London and then I take classes at Pineapple, usually Susan Zalcman's ...and a wonderful Ballet conditioning class on saturdays with a lovely man teacher !

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Hi Minty! If it makes you feel better, just tell any of the ladies you contact that I recommended them! If you want my name or so, just PM. and I'm happy to pass on email/phone numbers.


Many of the community centres have good, affordable drop-in pilates classes and the like. I'm not sure where you will be staying, but here's on that's fairly central. I don't know Ivana, but Tiago is a friend of mine and again, you are free to use my name.



Depending on where you are staying, there are also community centres in South, East, West, and North Oxford... and the Summertown Church Hall and United Reform Church Hall also have some classes on offer.


I really like Roland Price's class at Pineapple and Paul Lewis at Danceworks (I should say liked - I'm talking a few years ago when I was in good shape and dancing better than I am now!!!!!!). In London, I've also heard good things about the adult classes connected to Central and Urdang. Maybe DSL would have more to say on those.


And if you have any questions about Oxford at all - dance or non-dance related - please don't hesitate to ask!!!!

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thanks again ! I"m going away with no mail for the week end, but I might contatc you next week !

I'll be staying in River court (Trinity Street) , and I was thinking of renting a bike to go to the college where I'll be taking classes...

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You'll totally be central! To get to the Jericho community centre will be a 15-20 minute walk. To the classes in Summertown and East Oxford, you'd need to bus or bike, but it's very doable!

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Thanks again ! I guess I'll phone the studios when I'm there, on friday or staturday ; any other advice ? (nice shops, restaurants ? ) ; I see you enjoyed your stay in Oxford a lot, so you must know loads of nice places ... :yes:

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