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I can confirm that two students from Level VI have been invited to the conservatory for next year. There may be more than that but my daughter (currently level VI) knows of two at least.  Additionally, students must indicate their interest in joining the conservatory and audition during the SI auditions. Joffrey students wishing to attend the SI must audition like everyone else and there was a tick box to be considered for the conservatory so some students might be selected via the audition tour this year. I do not believe all of the level VI students auditioned or hope to be invited to the conservatory. Hope that helps.

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kr12 and Supamama, thank you again so much for the information!  We'll definitely look into DD attending a SI at Joffrey next summer so she can explore the program further.  The pre-pro program sounds wonderful but I agree that it is more likely worth a move if she is accepted into the upper levels or Conservatory when she's older.  A main consideration for us in considering all pre-professional programs is whether the school is producing students who are accepted into the trainee/studio level when they're old enough, and I'm hopeful Joffrey will do a good job with this moving forward.  I'm finding it's not always the case!

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Does anyone have a recommendation for hotel accommodations in a safe/convenient area near the school?? This would be for a few days stay.  

Is the school located in a safe area?


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We stayed at the Homewood Suites on Grand Street for the Joffrey Academy SI this summer and it was very affordable, clean and comfortable, and a very quick metro ride to the Joffrey Ballet studios - I think two stops.  

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There are loads of hotels within walking distance of the school and you can often find great deals. And, the school is in a very safe area -- just one block off Michigan Avenue. My DS attended the summer of 2016 and we felt quite comfortable with him walking around that area of the city.

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The Chicago Athletic Association is a very cool hotel 2 blocks away. It’s on Michigan across from the Bean and would be my first choice in that area (many other good options within walking distance or a short cab ride). 

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Hello, my DD was accepted into the 2022/2023 Conservatory program.  Does anyone know where I can find a schedule and tuition prices?  Or does anyone know what the 2021/2022 schedule and costs is?  Joffrey stated we would get more information in the Spring but I am just curious.  My DD is 16, turning 17 this summer and has her heart set on going, as this is her dream school.  

Also, any idea how involved they get to be with any of the Joffrey shows including Nutcracker?  

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