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"I'm confused. :unsure: I thought that's what the Joffrey NYC school was for. They do say that Joffrey Ballet comes and does auditions at Joffrey NYC. Can anyone clarify the relationships between the two schools and the company? Thanks very much!"



I don't know anything about Joffrey NYC. :wub:

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Guest Chrysocolla

I auditioned for the school, so I can answer some questions. I think the school is supposed to replace NY as the official school, but it is only for high school age and younger. They didn't give much information other than the class schedule, though it seems pretty intense! The studios are amaaaaaaaaazing though. They look a lot like the studios in the movie Center Stage ;)

Someone said that the top three levels are based on the top three at the intensive...could you explain what they're like? Level 4 has 7 hours less of class time, which seems strange because it's supposed to be the second highest.


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Guest Chrysocolla

The audition was for ages 4 through 17, so that only goes up to people who are about to be seniors in high school. I don't know though, maybe they have bigger plans for the future....

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This is also just the first 13 weeks. It says on the forms we got in the audition that the grand opening isn't until January. In all the papers that were given there is only information on the first session, nothing past that. So I don't really know if that's how the whole year will end up being. I will be attending the schools first session full time in level 5, so I'll update with any other information that comes to me.

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Hi! My daughter took the placement class for the New Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago. We were quite surprised to see that the "Joffrey Style" has changed and become very Balanchine based! As she previously took classes from Joffrey dancers who prided themselves in doing things Mr Joffrey's way, this was a shock. Has anyone else noticed this? Mr AW is doing it his way!

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I think it is well to recall that "Mr. Joffrey's Way" was highly eclectic and varied over time, often to accommodate additions to the company repertoire. Sometimes it was Balanchine, sometimes it was Bournonville, sometimes it was Cecchetti-based British to fit the Ashton and Cranko in the company's armamentarium. Ashley has the right, and really, the obligation to do things his way, but only time will tell if it produces the next generation of Joffrey dancers to succeed in the ways that were laid down by Mr. Joffrey.

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I'm happy to see there will be professional/adult level classes starting in January; there will now be an alternative to Hubbard Street and Ruth Page for those who need pro level classes.

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Puzzler, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by older dancers or what kind of info you are looking for specifically, but I can give you some general observations. Level 5 (highest level) classes have been pretty small -- usually no more than 10 students or so on the days I have been there. Levels 3 and 4 have had about 15-20 students. I have seen both boys and girls taking class in each of those 3 levels. During the first week, it looked like the teachers were getting to know their students to some degree. Now that they're into the third week, it looks like the classes are off and running. My daughter has been very happy with most of her classes. She has a friend in level 5 that is really happy with the individualized attention she has been getting since those classes have been small. There are some very good teachers there, and we have high hopes that the school will soon develop into everything Ashley Wheater has said it will be.


If you have a dancer who is interested but does not want to commit to the program right now, you can purchase a punch card for either 10 or 20 classes. Pierre Lockett told me that punch cards will be available at least through January, and they may make them available until the end of this school year.


Let me know if you have specific questions and I will try my best to answer them.

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I'm still confused about the relationship between Joffrey's new school in Chicago and the school in NYC. Also, has anyone found out the impact on the Joffrey Summer intensives? Specifically, the NYC location.


I did send any e-mail to the Academy of Dance over a month ago, with no reply. :shrug:

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Hi Catlover,

When my daughter took the placement class last summer, I asked whether there was any affiliation between the Joffrey New York school and the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, and was told no, there was none. This Academy, and whatever programs it develops have no connection to the school and programs run out of New York, according to the person answering questions at the placement class, whose name, unfortunately, I can't remember.

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