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My understanding is the same as quill's. The Academy of Dance in Chicago is now the official school of the Joffrey Ballet, and it does say that on the website. While they were in their former studio space, they were only able to do a 2 week SI in Chicago. Now that they are in the Joffrey Tower I expect that they will do a full SI program this summer in Chicago, which is what they have talked about, but I have no definite information about summer at this point in time.


If you have not received a response to your email, I would suggest calling with your questions.

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We were lucky enough to visit the Joffrey Tower last week. Wow! Great space and welcoming personnel. Particularly loved the exterior screen showing various ballet performances, and a related screen in the lobby. DD took class and loved the studios. They stated that they hoped to do a full summer intensive next summer (09).

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Horton is a specific methodology of Modern Dance.

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I think it is well to recall that "Mr. Joffrey's Way" was highly eclectic and varied over time, often to accommodate additions to the company repertoire. Sometimes it was Balanchine, sometimes it was Bournonville, sometimes it was Cecchetti-based British to fit the Ashton and Cranko in the company's armamentarium. Ashley has the right, and really, the obligation to do things his way, but only time will tell if it produces the next generation of Joffrey dancers to succeed in the ways that were laid down by Mr. Joffrey.


Now that the school is up and running, can someone comment on the current emphasis in any particular technique training at the Academy?


I have heard many of the Ballet of Chicago dancers (balanchine based school just blocks away from the Joffrey Academy) that have taken some of the classes at the Academy describe the training as "different". A better differentiation would be greatly appreciated.



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Bagg, I would go directly to the source if I were you. I would suggest calling the Academy to see if one of the teachers could talk to you regarding your question. Charthel Arthur would be an excellent person to talk to, however she may be very busy right now since the company is in the midst of performances. Pierre Lockett might also be a good person to talk to and may be easier to reach than Ms. Arthur. Everyone at the studio has been friendly and very helpful, but I would make sure I talked to someone with first hand knowledge about the training rather than someone from the office staff.


Unfortunately, my daughter has only been able to describe the technique as "different" as well. She comes from a studio in which the training was a hybrid of various styles, and she isn't having any trouble adjusting.

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Thanks for the info. Iwas wondering IF the Joffrey was offerring adult open classes

in Chicago. I's been to their open classes in Greenwich Village, NYC.

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I don't understand the open classes in Chicago or NYC...it sounds like they are for adults and children, but yet there are also the pre-pro classes for children. What kind of people are the open classes supposed to be for?

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Hope this helps, ChasseChaine...


The NYC program and the Chicago program are completely separate and are run by different people. The direction of the Chicago program is supervised by Ashley Wheater, Joffrey Artistic Director.


The open classes do not require a commitment to the full program and offer the opportunity for dancers to drop-in for classes and to pick and choose what they want to take. According to the website, someone interested in the open program need only call the Academy to determine class placement.


The pre-professional program requires a commitment to the full program which includes ballet/pointe and other classes depending on class level such as Horton, jazz, contemporary, and core strength. It is designed for dancers who want to be trained for a professional career. A placement audition is required to join the pre-professional program.


The Academy will also be auditioning pre-professional dancers aged 17-20 for a trainee program that will be introduced in the fall of 2009. Details about those auditions are on the website.

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My daughter attended the advanced open ballet class this morning and very much enjoyed it. Usually in Chicago (Hubbard Street and Ruth Page also have open morning classes) these are attended by a mix of working dance professionals and some younger dancers. The school is being headed up by Anna Reznik and Alexei Kremnev. It was nice to have corrections in an open class!

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I would also like to know how Ms. Reznik's class was. Will they be teaching at the SI? I can't seem to find a staff list on the website, but that might be my lack of looking-skills. :blushing: Also, what is the difference between the summer workshop and the SI? I sent an email, but have yet to recieve a response. Thanks!

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