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When does the pain go away?


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This has been a question on the mind of all beginning or re-beginning adults as they head back to the barre....


Day 4.


This does not mean after your 4 th class necessarily. This means after you build up to where you can tolerate 4 days in a row of classes and move on to the 5th as well.

I have done that a couple of times (not in a row) now, and I wasn't sore any more on day 4.


Of course after the weekend I start over with day 1 and if I go on with days 2 and 3, things arefine. If I skip days, my own answer to the question is completely invalid once more.


This week I had 3 and a half hours of mixed classes including 1.5 of ballet and then had nothing on Tuesday. Wednesday I was so sore I could only manage a one hour exercise class in the morning and I was still sore for ballet in the evening.


I am heading over to the pool for a solo water barre shortly.


I will do my best not to skip days next week....

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At our age, it doesn't go away. It might lessen, but I'm on four 2-hour days of ballet each week (with an extra hour and a half on Wednesday evening) and by the end of the fourth day, I can hardly walk.


I also do cardio before class, and some conditioning if we're not doing it IN class that day, in order to try to keep the metabolism and muscles working. I also work out on my days when I'm NOT in ballet.


And I'm still sore. Today, so sore that instead of going to pilates, I went swimming for a short time instead, in order to justify spending the rest of the time in the hot tub at the gym. Then came home, iced down my ankles, used the electrode thingy on the ankles and am about to go downstairs to stick my legs in my massage machine, for calves and ankles (I've only had it a couple of weeks and I'm already in love with it!!).


Add to that some hip pain that I can't find anything to relieve and.....it starts ALL over on Monday with the ballet classes again!


I'm curious how my body will react to 6 days a week of ballet classes - with three of them on just one day!!

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You know, I would just love a few more opportunities to test out my theory.

Today I tried to go over to the YMCA for a little solo water barre to relieve the soreness from yesterdays classes.

I forgot my bag with towel and locker key and such. Today the new pool hours started and they were going to be closing shortly after I could get back. I went and did the errands scheduled for later and went home.

I tried to go again this evening after dinner with my sister in law. Again they were about to close.... I never tried to go in the evening before.

The hot tub there is also broken until further notice. They have money trouble.

Rough weeks all around.

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