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Prix de Lausanne winner Kyle Davis

Guest JustMigrating

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Guest JustMigrating

Just a quick update about Kyle Davis, 2008 Prix de Lausanne prizewinner, who was awarded an apprenticeship with the Royal Ballet. Kyle has instead decided to apprentice with Pacific Northwest Ballet.


The main reason he decided not to apprentice with Royal is that he can't afford to live in London. After carefully evaluating what he will receive from his Prix winnings and the small amount he would be paid per performance by Royal, Kyle decided that even with financial assistance from us, he would not be able to afford to take the apprenticeship.


Kyle had attended the Pacific Northwest Ballet summer program last summer and really enjoyed it and thinks very highly of artistic director Peter Boal.


Now if I could just find a suitable apartment for him in Seattle, I could finally breathe.

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What wonderful news!!!! How exciting for both of you- and for the Seattle audience!!

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Guest JustMigrating

Thanks so much! And what is really great about the PNB apprenticeship is that Kyle gets an actually salary plus his Prix winnings, so he won't have to live in a cardboard box!! And I just found an apartment for him yesterday.


I just wish he didn't have to start so soon at PNB. They want him to start August 4 but he doesn't get back from performing in NC until August 2. I really wanted a bit more time with him before he heads off to adulthood. He was given a slightly later start date since he is driving out to Seattle. Sigh... sometimes it seems like just yesterday he was a toddler yanking all the books out of my bookshelves and dragging all the pots and pans out of the cupboards.

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Thank you for sharing the news with us! We love hearing about dancers' adventures, hope you'll keep us updated from time to time.


It does sound like a very fortunate arrangement indeed for both Kyle and PNB!


All the best,




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Many good wishes to Kyle. We are glad to keep him here in the states and sure hope you will keep us updated on his journey.


Time does fly quickly, doesn't it? I hope the cross country trip is uneventful and he arrives safely and has a little time to rest before starting with the company. He'll be excited and working on pure adrenalin, but mom will be exhausted! :):yes:

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