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hyperextended knees


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i been dance for 11yrs and just last year found out i have hyperextension in my knees. i was trying to balance, and my teacher was telling me that i was bending my knee, but i couldn't feel the diffference. i tried lengthing the hip and using my buttocks as well as the muscle right under the buttocks, but still bends and if i straighten my knee anymore it just locks in place. i can't find the inbetween place. this issue is preventing me to be over my leg. when the teachers come over and corrects me, i notice the difference, but still feel a little bit of the locking in the knee. i have been working on this all year and i just feel like im not getting anywhere. Does anyone have suggesting of help me with my problem? i want to thank you for taking the time reading.

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Hello ariesfairy, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wink:


I see that you are from Maryland, but I was wondering if you are originally from another country?


Anyway, getting over your leg is really more about correct weight placement and alignment, as when you are in the right place then you will have more control over what your knees are doing. The definitely should not look bent at any time that you are not in a plié. But, they should not lock back either. You do need to use the quadriceps muscles in order to control that, along with what I mentioned above. :)

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Thank you. I'm originally from Maryland, born and raised. What you mention above helps a lot, thank you so much.

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