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I came across a youtube video that is a promotion for a movie, or so it seems, but I can't find anything else about it online. The movie is called "Behind the Curtain" and this is what it says about it:


A dancer's life (modern and ballet) told through 12 different generations.

With Wendy Whelan & Nikolaj Hübbe (NYC Ballet), Prima Ballerina Assoluta Eva Evdokimova, Tadej Brdnik (Martha Graham Dance Company) and more...


They all have something in common.

They came to Manhattan to make their way as professional dancers.

"Behind the Curtain" takes us back to these dancers very first steps.


The video clip looked really interesting. Does anyone know if / when this is available or anything more about it?


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I purchased this dvd at capezio store in New York. It is in my opinion , good to see for the 16-17 & up ! If you plan on a career in dance !

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