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Hey! I'm new here and was hoping to get some advice. I am going to be a college dance major next year and was hoping for some tips on the best brands for dance wear. I am going to need lots of tights, dance belts, etc. Also, I am considering new shoe brands as well. I am currently using Capezio canvas shoes but they seem to be made with poorer quality with each pair I buy. If anyone knows of a brand that doesn't rip easily that would be great!


Thanks again,


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Karl, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :) Do take a moment to stop by the Welcome Forum to introduce yourself. On the subject of dancewear for men, we have quite a few threads in this forum on the topic--feel free to look around and add to them (or this one, of course) if you have any questions. I believe the most popular brands for tights are M. Stevens, Bal-togs, and Capezio, with Capezio dance belts preferred as well. For shoes that don't tear easily, you may wish to consider leather--I always wore Bloch, but many brands make quality shoes.


You may also find the Adult Ballet Students or (depending on your age) the Young Dancers 17-22 forum of interest as well. We are glad to have you here!

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Just to give you my highly biased and rather OCD preferences of dancewear:


Top: I prefer a black, form fitting, shirt with material like that of "Under Armor", however I purchase mine from Target under the brand Merona since it's less expensive, just as good, and has no brand insignia anywhere on it so it could be used for performances. It breathes and "wicks" moisture away so you stay cooler, as well as hides moisture too which is good if you sweat like a sow in the middle of a Louisiana swamp in summer, much like myself. Their white shirt quickly becomes gray though, so beware.


Tights: M. Stevens...everything else is wrong. Purchase a pair of their black milliskin tights and know the ultimate manifestation of perfection in men's dance wear. I cut holes in the bottom of the feet so I can roll mine up to knee level, as I have found that is most aesthetically flattering for me. I usually use an elastic belt to keep mine up, though I'm looking into sewing elastic suspenders instead. We'll see how it goes.


Pants: Your choice. You'll use these to stay warm before and between class, and sometimes in rehearsals if it's going slowly enough. I also wear them in partnering class since I get cold easily. Choose something warm, not too baggy, and perhaps sentimental. Pockets are a plus. These can also have the option of being rolled up to the knee if you go to one of those studios where the whole "men in tights" thing hasn't caught on, though I don't recommend it; be the wind of change. I use my old company's insulated windbreaker pants. Warmth and nostalgia, all in one pant.


Shoes: Fuzi Canvas, not always easy to get, but a finer shoe there's yet to be. Unlike the flawed Sanshas (or is Capezio?), these do not have the god awful wad of fabric under the toes (you'd think they'd take it out since EVERYONE complains...). They are also fairly thin and light-weight so they are flattering to the foot as well. They come in black, white and tan. I use black and white for performances and tan for class. The tan color on bare legs (rolled up tights) creates a slight illusion that vastly improves the look and line of the foot. Fairly durable since I am able to machine wash and dry them once every week or two, but like any canvas, these will eventually fall apart. It depends on the floor and how often you have class, but with a normal schedule, mine usually go for a month or two (though the new pair I brought to my SI only lasted about 3 weeks, yay working hard!). I don't see the benefit of leather other than a slight cost efficiency, though I've heard they can help if you're feet aren't so good or if you're on a crazy-slick floor. Personally, I despise the glossy look and usually associate leather with (NO OFFENSE) super beginner or old-man-ballet-class.


Booties: A recent addition to my retinue of only a few weeks. These down filled, low-rise, fabric boots serve as an amazing addition to my warm-up gear. I wear them for my own pre-class warm up for added heat as well as during the limbo between classes to preserve the warmth of class. They solve the nagging problem of me having tiny, cold-prone appendages by keeping my feet toasty and limber. Even with ballet shoes on, they also cushion my feet after a vigorous ballet class so that they get a bit of a rest before the next class or rehearsal. I'm not sure of the brand since they were a gift from a friend of mine, however I have been quite pleased with them. They did not come with any sort of securing measure to hold them up, so at first they had the problem of falling down as I walked, but I solved this by adding two rubber bands around the ankles of each. Keeps them on and also allows for easy and fast equip and removal.


Well, there you have it. Bet you regret asking now, huh?

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Amen to the above. Fuzi (www.fuzi.net) also makes a gray shoe for men, it is coordinated with M. Stevens and Mirella gray tights, I was stunned at how close the two match in color. I like to wear Gray, since it is the one color women have not taken as their own. :wub:


I wear shorts in the hot and humid months, alas when I do the teacher always gives us pirouettes to the knee. A coupla drops of sweat on the knee is dangerous!


Invest in some knitted warmups in "manly" colors (black burgundy green) they fit the shape of the leg and come off in a flash!


For the first few classes, stick with traditional (black and white) garb. You are telling your teachers you are focused and ready to dance.





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... and check with your college/dance department if they require some sort of uniform.

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MUCH to my dismay, the Merona shirt is use and recommended is no longer in production...Just needed two more and I'd have enough, but no, now I have to INTERMINGLE BRANDS...*grumble*...

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Does anyone know how the sizing runs on the Fuzi. Like if I wear an eight in Sansha, what size should I try? (I have tiny feet)


They have a sizing chart to help you. Additionally, if it is your first time buying from them, they will call you to confirm your order. They called me and made sure that I had the right size and everything which was very helpful.

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Guest pino1

I also prefer Mirella black tights and Fuzi ballet slippers. As to size, I just called them and asked for what they recommend. Fuzi has grey and brown ballet slippers that I like. I don't like the footed tights, so I just cut a slit on the sole and that enables me to roll it up to my ankles. Have fun in your classes and good luck!---------Crispino Ramos

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