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A good idea

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I have found a school that does ISTD. there are two adult ballet classes.


Class 1 - up to grade 6

Class 2 - grade 6 +


I can't do exams unless the whole class wants to or 3 or us take private lessons.


Should I go here or stick to somewhere else?


Mon = Ballet

Tues = Ballet or Jazz

Wed = Ballet

Thur = Skating

Fri = nothing

Sat = Jazz & Hip Hop

Sun = nothing


Is that an okay time table? all depends of if I get a second job or if i find a different dance school, the above is all at Pineapple by the way.


What about the London Studio Centre? They have 2 adult classes plus RAD & Cecchetti classes. I could start the adult classes and in time move to Grade 4 or do these grades move with the class i.e. grade 4 next year would be grade 5?

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I suppose I'd just ask why is the ability to be put forward for exams such a central criterion for you? Do you need to have the qualifications for future ambitions? Because otherwise, I suppose -- for me anyway -- I'd be trying to take classes which were well taught, challenged me, and fitted in to my life, timetable wise!


If you're what someone here called a beginneragain, then maybe you just need a few classes to ease you back in? Just my point of view, of course, and you may have important reasons why doing exams is crucial for you ...

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the only reason I want to do exams it just progress really. For me it's a level thing. Being in grade... if probably better than being in ... class. At least at beginner/Elem level. Maybe I'm just wrong.


Day: Monday

Time: 7:30-8:45pm

Style: Ballet

Level: Adult Level 1

Where: LCS


Day: Wednesday

Time: 6:00-7:00pm

Style: Ballet

Level: Beginners

Where: Pineapple


Day: Thursday

Time: 6:00-7:00pm

Style: Ballet

Level: Beginners

Where: Pineapple


Day: Saturday

Time: 11:00-12:00am

Style: Hip Hop

Level: Beginners

Where: Pineapple


Day: Saturday

Time: 12:30-13:30pm

Style: Jazz

Level: Abs Beginners

Where: Pineapple


Could add:

Ballet &/or Jazz on Sunday

Ballet on Saturday if I remove either Hip Hop or Jazz

Jazz on Tuesday

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Yikes! This makes me cringe. Your body is going to need time to rest between classes...especially if you are just returning to or starting dance. If you take all of those classes you will be so sore and worn out by the end of the first week you may not make it back to the studio again!




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