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My ballet teacher told me that I had strong legs, but that my arms were wafe-like. She said that I should focus on getting my upperbody strong. For strength in my arms, she recommended holding my arms in 2nd.

I've been holding my arms in 2nd for five minutes every day (Is that long enough?), holding my arms out and pulsing them up and down, and then holding them out with the palms up pulsing them up and down. Are there any other excercizes that you recommend to get strong arms? Obviously, I want to build long muscles instead of bulky ones. I've heard that pushups make you get big boobs. True?

Thank you for the help!

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I wouldn't be so locked-in on holding the arms in second for extended periods. That does not much for improving the strength of the arms while they're in motion. Instead, try some long port de bras exercises, and make a little resistance to the movement as the arms travel, making it into somewhat of an isometric exercise. Modified pushups, done with the fulcrum point at the knees instead of the feet are usually fine, as long as you don't get into doing hundreds! Improvement will take time. Be both diligent and patient.

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