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I have strong legs


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So I grew up in a recreational studio doing everything from acrobatics to ballet to jazz. I am built alot like a male with strong legs however i have a larger chest and a HUGE butt. I am only 14 and have decided to take my dancing to mainly ballet. I am concerned that i have such a bulky build that it might affect me later in my future?! :( Is there any excersizes or suggestions that you have that could possibly help me now and continue to do to stay lengthy?! Any help would be great! Thanks Lots!

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Hello scdancergal1, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!


Strong legs are good, and, at 14, you are probably still growing, so it's hard to know where your body is going at this stage. Ballet, when taught correctly, is all about lengthening and stretching all of the muscles. We cannot see you, but even if we could, we do not try to advise people on size issues. If you have issues that you feel need to be dealt with, then I suggest that you talk to your teachers, and perhaps get a recommendation for a nutritionist. You might also think about doing some Pilates work, as much of their exercise, especially the work on the equipment, is geared to lengthening.

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