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I have my summer performance in two days! Obviously, I am both nervous and excited! In one of our dances, we are doing a sort of march. There are four of us and we are supposed to move all together perfectly (obviously). However, one other girl and I are in the front, and the two people behind us are 1/2 or 1 count too slow. It shows. It looks like I am too fast, which I am not! At the performance, the big day, I do not want to look like I don't know what I am doing. Tonight we have the dress rehearsal, and I would like some tips or ideas and how to fix this problem! Thank you so much!

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The dancer in the front cannot "fix" what goes on behind them. Try to speak privately with the person in charge of the piece before rehearsal, but otherwise just do your very best to achieve what you have been asked to do and most important of all...Enjoy! :wub:

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Thank you so much! Yesterday at rehearsal I just did MY BEST and did not worry so much about what the others were doing. I did what I was supposed to do and that was that! Thanks again!

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