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Another sibling dancer in the family!


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So i am 14 and i have a brother who is 17 who is also a dancer with a main focus in ballet, I too am also mainly focused in ballet. Growing up in my brother's shadow, i found that i ran into alot of issues. First of all, I love ballet but i have bean going back a forth between ballet and contemporary. I know that i love ballet more but i feel that if i continue doing strict ballet i will be lost in my brothers shoes but a part of me wants to do contemporary cause when i do it i feel like it my "own thing" and i have nothing to live up to! My brother attends harrid ballet conservatory in florida and has bean since he was a sophmore. And when he was 13 he attended JKO through ABT in NYC and since he was 12 he has bean attending multiple summer intensives. I've danced recreationaly and in small town studios, and have not bean to one summer intensive, not by choice but for other reasons. Im proud of my brother and look up to him, dont get me wrong but i sometimes get gelouse and often times feel like its not fair. :wub: I just dont know how to look at this situation?! Can anyone relate or tell me how i SHOULD be looking at this?!

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scdancer, I imagine there will be some who can relate, but I'm not really sure about "should" in terms of looking at this. There are several ways, so perhaps we can point out some of them here.


It sounds like your brother must be quite talented, and certainly very focused and commited to ballet. This is great, but it does not mean you either have to do it the same way, or that you can't do it too. You are enough younger than he is that it should not be a problem. And, there are a LOT of sibling dancers in the professional world, some even in the same companies. Just because one does it does not mean another cannot also do it, if that is where the talent and the passion lay.


So, if you have the same desire and passion, as well as talent, then it is way past time for you to become commited to getting the best possible training. Without the training, you will not have a choice as to what you do. With the training, you will have choices in terms of what direction you ultimately take it. No matter what form of dance you do, the ballet training will make it better. But, it must be good training and intense training, not recreational dance.


It sounds to me like you and your parents have some decisions to make in terms of your future. You need daily technique classes, several pointe classes a week, and then some hours in other dance forms, as long as they don't conflict with ballet. You need to plan on auditioning for every SI program that you can get to for next summer. If the quality training is not available in your area, then find out where it is available and get there. You might need to plan on a residency program by next year, if what you need is not available.

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thank you Ms. Leigh! but i failed to mention that i just moved to Columbia, South carolina from Colorado! I currently attend Columbia Conservatory of Dance and love it! It is six days a week of strict ballet and intense point work! William, the director also directs the Columbia city ballet, so im asuming that that is great training! :wub: But i am planing to audition for SCGSA SI and if i like it then i plan on auditioning for the year round boarding program. Do you think this is the rite thing to do?!


[Edited to correct use of first name for Ms. Leigh.]

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I'm glad to hear that you are in a more intense program now. :wub:


I'm afraid that I do not know anything about SCGSA. That might me okay, but I would certainly investigate a lot of other programs, including Harid, Walnut Hill, NCSA, Kirov, etc.

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I think it is South Carolina Governors School of the Arts.....not sure.

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