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We're looking for replacement dance belts. DS has always worn the Capezio with the super wide industrial strength two-inch elastic around the waist. He loves them and likes the support they give his back. Apparently they aren't making them anymore. Or, at least that's what I've found on line and at both of our dance stores. Actually I've seen them advertised on a few sites and have called to make sure they had them. So far, we've gotten through the order process, I've asked that they verify they actually have them, and have been told, "Oh, sorry, we actually don't have anymore."


The Bloch was recommended. It has two inch wide elastic, but it's covered in some type of soft material. He hates it. Doesn't like the MStevens miliskin, either. Has anyone found anything comparable to the Capezio? Any thoughts on unique venues where we might find it? I'm getting kind of tired of buying dancebelts, having them shipped, and hearing him say they won't work. And we can't return them. So any help would be greatly appreciated. I guess I should emphasize that what he really likes and feels he nees is the extra support for his back.


Oh yeah - there are a few sites that have some of the Capezion on clearance, but the only sale to studio owners.

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I don't know much about the dance belt issue, but I know our professional dancers have to wear back supports when they are first learning a lift to assist them in case something goes awry, and we have several male dancers who are now in their mid-late 30s & have danced with us for many years, so it works:


Back Supports

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Thank you. I'll show this to him when he gets home. It might help. I'm not sure if it's mental or if he really feels that Capezio dance belts provide that extra support for his lower back.

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Capezio still makes belts, they're just an "improved" version - softer and smaller waste bands. The Wear Moi looks great - I'll order some for him to try. Thank you very much!

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Capezio didn't used to make dance belts under their own name, but sold a non-name garment which had a very stout four- to six-inch waist elastic and a cotton pouch and thong. When they were new, they were nearly instruments of torture! Like getting sawed in half the hard way. I never appreciated the wide elastic when I was a young teen, but as I got older, I learned to appreciate the support, particularly in the sacro-coccygeal area! Dance belts today seem flimsy by comparison.

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Cheetah, you said that your son didn't like the Bloch dance belt.


Bloch has two different kinds, and one has indeed a wide waist elastic (at least when I checked in the store in London last year). I had to ask specifically for the wide elastic - you might want to double check if you can get it in the US.

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We bought him one Bloch with a wide band (out of desparation) but it's covered in a cloth material. It doesn't provide the same degree - or sense of degree - of lower back support. I ordered it a few months ago - it was the closest I could find at the time to the Capezio. We thought people were just out until we checked with our local stores and told us they don't have the Capezio anymore. Everything is very soft. I'm sure they serve their purpose, but he really, really liked the Capzio. The WearMoi looks similar, but I noticed they were boys' sizes. I'll still see if I can find some.


The Capezio had a kind of constricting feel to it. If we can't find anything, we'll try the back supports that Clara76 showed me.


Major Mel - yes, my DS likes those that were the instruments of torture. He started with them several years ago. We had a huge supply so never had to restock. The ones we find today are, in fact, quite flimsy.

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Recently Capezio made a change in the belt fabric, it had little to no give. I thought I was gaining weight! When you outsource production to another country, quality goes out the window.



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The problem is, when you're used to those with "no give" and you have to use the softer, "kinder" fabrics, it feels really awkward.

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(Clara slapping MJ on the wrist): "Now, now, unless you've suddenly given birth to a bouncing baby boy, you will need to PM either myself or Major J and we will post your information on this forum for you. :angry2:

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Chronus24 informs me via PM that discountdance.com has a supply of Capezio wide-elastic dance belts, but not all colors and sizes may be immediately available.

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Thank you so much. I just ordered some - hopefully there not out of stock by the time they process my order!


Edited to add: I got through the order process, and yes, they're out of stock. That's the style we're trying to find, though, so thanks for noticing. They did have black, though, so that's what he's going to use for awhile.

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Which model capezio dance belt does your son prefer. I notice on the discount dance site it has two different models #5930 and #26 which is better? :shrug:

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My son likes 5930. The elastic is very wide, and it's very constricting. They're actually fairly difficult to get on. I was surprised he didn't like the newer models that have miliskin and other softer material. One local dance store (very rudely) told us that all their other dancers preferred the softer models so they couldn't be bothered to stock what he likes. That was before they told us they couldn't get it anyway.

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