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there is a company in the UK called Planet Dance




They stock the wide waistband Capezio.


They should be able to mail to the USA


Good luck!

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Hate to do this to you, Raphael, but this forum is specifically for parents of male dancers. Please feel free to post your information over on the Men's Forum.

Thank you!

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Hate to do this to you, Raphael, but this forum is specifically for parents of male dancers. Please feel free to post your information over on the Men's Forum.

Thank you!


Clara, what is so wrong about what Raphael posted that your dismissing him from posting info that is in no way irrelavant from the topic being discussed, even if he is not the parent of a male dancer.


Harmonie Bodywear also has dancebelts.

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Excuse me? I know you're trying to help, but we do have rules and all posters are expected to follow those rules. The information given was not the issue.


Please refrain from posting in this forum until you are the parent of a dancing male child.

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Mel Johnson

Please look up this thread to post #12 to see what happens when proper etiquette is observed.

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An old thread, but my son is now old enough that it is of interest to me, so I'm glad it's resurfaced!


Two questions:


1. Clara 76-- can you update the link, so I can see what back supports you are talking about (the old link no longer leads to back supports, and I can't find them on the website). I assume they wear these back supports over their dance clothes. I've never heard of guys wearing back supports. It seems like the back supports would prevent the back muscles from becoming strong, since the support is allowing the back muscles to not work as hard. Yet, you have found them helpful?


2. In post #4, I like the looks of the Wear Moi boys dance belt because it comes in small waist sizes. However, I can't find that dance belt on any US merchant websites. My son has a 24" waist, but refuses to wear a full-bottom belt. It's hard to find thongs in that small waist size!

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We are no longer having problems with the Capezio belts - they are suddenly available everywhere. But I checked and they don't come in X-small. I do remember someone saying they were able to get their son dance belts in a much smaller size but I can't remember the brand. I did some checking and saw that Bloch has an X-small that goes down to 26 inch. I'll see if I can search through other brands and find something we may have tried. Once my son starting wearing them he went straight to the Capezio, and he can't have been bigger than 26 inches at the time. The small worked great. Of course, sometimes the small was two inches smaller than another small!! Through the years we've bought a bunch of other brands to try, though.


Edited to add: I did a search online and found information on MStevens in relation to sizing. The site claimed that MStevens is a full size smaller than most dance belts, and claimed that an XS was a good starting point for younger boys. I didn't find any for sale online, but did find a site that said the Small fit waist sizes 24 - 26. So an Xsmall might work really well - if you can find them. My DS felt they didn't add much support to his lower back, but your son is a good bit younger right now.

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Back Supports


Here is another link. In my post I said that they wear the back supports if they are newer and are just learning a lift! You are correct that a dancer shouldn't depend upon them, but they can help with newer lifts or when attempting something that is not an established lift for the first few times. :lol:

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Sorry to bring up an old thread- I just wanted to add a piece for the sake of anyone researching the topic of small size dance belts in the future.


We *finally* broke down and bought my son his first dance belts. He wanted nothing to do with full-bottom belts, so I was waiting until he was big enough to fit into the adult-sized thong back belts.


He just turned 12, is almost 5 feet, weighs xx pounds, and has a 23.5 inch waist. I bought him the smallest size in the three brands my local store had in stock-- Capezio, Bloch, and Body Wrappers. Only the Body Wrappers (size XS) fit him-- the other two were too large.



*Since specific weight was edited out, I'll just say he's very thin

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Just got a PM from Barretalk, alerting us to a new source for dance belts; thanks for contacting appropriate moderators, barretalk, well done!


I have information that might be valuable to this thread, but since I'm not a parent, will send it to you for re-posting.


Boysdancetoo is a new online store that carries WearMoi dance belts in both men's & boy's sizes. I just bought one and found it offers the back support Major Mel cherishes, as well as excellent comfort and a good look under tights. My new favorite!



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