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Ballet Schools in California - Huntington Beach

Guest thefamilyguy

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Guest thefamilyguy

I'm trying to find beginning ballet classes in north Orange county, CA--preferably HB, that would be friendly/ welcoming to a 40 yr old male beginner--i really would prefer not be with just a bunch of teenage girls. I would love to find a class that had middle-aged men and women.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated--I'm completely in the dark about all this...

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thefamilyguy, for Orange County schools, in general, you might look through the suggestions contained in this thread: Ballet Schools in California---Orange County


Perhaps members have information more specific to Huntington Beach, so I have moved your thread to the appropriate location on the Board--i.e., to reside with all the other school location threads. :shhh:

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Hi thefamilyguy:


The place for you is Defore Dance Center in Costa Mesa. It has a huge adult ballet program, and I guarantee you'll not be dancing with young teens. They are not even permitted to take the adult classes.


Beginning level classes are available most days of the week - some are in the morning, some at mid-day, some in the evening.


The studio phone # is 714-241-9908.


This is a great place to take class - no competition, no strange vibes! The studio owner, Gloria DeFore, does an excellent job of maintaing a very professional but friendly atmosphere.


Oh - I almost forgot! There is a men only ballet class on Wednesday evenings taught by Maria Sifunetes.


Happy dancing,

Ruth Z

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You may want to check out the ballet classes at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. I took classes there a long time ago, after not dancing for years, and remember them being challenging, with a good atmosphere and mix of ages of dancers.

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Guest thefamilyguy

I've been trying to make it to a class for a month now. I've stopped by different studios, and I plan on trying Southland Ballet in Westminster. I met the instructor and she seemed very eager to have new beginners--both me and my wife--so I'm hoping to go next week for the first time.

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I can second RuthZ's recommendation of Defore. I dropped in there for a very pleasant week 5 (!) years ago when I was on vacation in Anaheim. It was not a short drive, but hey, I was on vacation and it was worth it.


In fact, I think I met RuthZ there in class. ;-)


Oh, and thefamilyguy: I am not a man, but trust me when I tell you that a men's adult class is an almost unimaginable luxury in the adult ballet class world.

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