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PRIVATE forum for Teens!!!

Victoria Leigh

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We are considering adding a new Teen Forum. This would be a private forum, which means you have to be admitted to see it. Visitors and guests would not see it, and your parents and teachers will not see it. The purpose of this new forum is to allow students to ask questions about technique, classes, performances, etc., which can only be seen by the three Ballet Talk for Dancers Teacher/Moderators. If your parents or your ballet teachers read the board, they will not see it!


The Parents have a forum like this which you cannot see, so, it is only fair that you have one too! :shrug:


The forum is not yet established, but if there is enough interest shown here in your responses, we will establish it and make you a member. Let us know!!! :thumbsup:

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I'm keeping a list of teens who will be admitted once we decide if we will add the forum or not. I would like a lot more response from teens here, please! :whistling:

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It's going to take a little while to get this going, once it is decided whether it is going or not. I think it will, but we need a few more days, maybe another week. But, that is okay, because some of you have not been here long enough or do not have enough posts to be admitted yet. You will have to become a full member first. And people who register after we open the forum may need to be here longer and have more posts before we will admit them to this forum.

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Check what it says right now under your name. :)

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