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New PRIVATE forum for Teens!!!

Victoria Leigh

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We are considering adding a new Teen Forum. This would be a private forum, which means you have to be admitted to see it. Visitors and guests would not see it, and your parents and teachers will not see it. The purpose of this new forum is to allow students to ask questions about technique, classes, performances, etc., which can only be seen by the three Ballet Talk for Dancers Teacher/Moderators. If your parents or your ballet teachers read the board, they will not see it!


The Parents have a forum like this which you cannot see, so, it is only fair that you have one too! :shrug:


The forum is not yet established, but if there is enough interest shown here in your responses, we will establish it and make you a member. Let us know!!! :thumbsup:

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Please respond here if you think this new forum would be a good idea or not! I will keep a list of those who want to be admitted if we do establish the forum. :whistling:

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Yes ys, quick...there are's only about one month left for me :whistling: Jokes aside, I think the idea is really good especially for people who have their parents here and do not want to see them their posts but still getting advice (e.g. problems with your teacher or so).

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Thank you, Claude and Liz! :)

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Oh yes Ms. Leigh! I think that's a wonderful idea! More exclamation points to illustrate my excitement: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:

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Thank you all! I have your names on the list for when the forum happens. We still only have 13 teens, from both age groups, so I really want to hear from a lot more than that.

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I think that this sounds like an excellent idea. Sometimes it's easier to ask questions without worrying what parents or teachers might think!

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I don't think it would be necessary for me, but I can see the benefits if you know (or do not know) that your teacher posts here. I think that would be the most sensitive situation that this could help.

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The new forum, Private Young Dancers Forum, has been created. No one has yet been admitted, so you won't see it until that happens. I have a list of everyone who has responded about admittance and is eligible. I hope to do some admitting tonight, when I get home from work.


There is a Sticky thread up on this forum with the rules and guidelines. Once you are admitted, PLEASE, BEFORE you post, read that thread!

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I think it's a great idea! :thumbsup: It's just nice to have a "place of our own", I guess.. :blushing:

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This sounds like a wonderful idea, and I would love to be admitted! I think this will be an exciting change and a useful way to chat and get advice.

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The following 22 members have been admitted. Please let me know if you cannot see the new forum, or if anything else is not working normally.



Claude Catastrophique







L' Allegro








Ballet Obsessed






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