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Fall 08-09


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So with summer 08' coming to an end, i was wondering what everyody's thoughts are for fall 08'-09'?! Like what you are looking forward to and what your goals are and such... :shhh:

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Well this year I'm really looking forward to my increased ballet schedule. One of my goals is to become more flexible. Another one is to work on my turns, like ending cleanly and stuff. I'm really excited because my first ballet class is tonight =]!!

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I'm hoping to get more flexible and to hopefully move up a level.

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I am SO excited for ballet this year! I have so much I want to improve on

and I'm planning on working soooo hard!


I want to get my center split (I'm seeing progress :D ) and have higher

extensions. I also want to work on spotting on my turns and be able to

do at least a consistent triple on flat and a consistent double on pointe

(on each side).


I'm looking forward to the Nutcracker Auditions!!! Also, I'm really excited

for the summer intensive auditions, because this will be my first year doing



I'm pretty much just looking forward to ballet this year in general!


Wow. It seems like so much! But, I like having goals a lot so I always have

a lot of them. I'll probably think of more though!

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Great topic! I actually made a long list of goals that I keep on by bedroom wall and check off as I go. This year I am taking a lot more classes, so I am really looking forward to that. Also, I am in a new level, so I am hoping to keep up with it. I am doing a solo in December!!!! I can't wait. I am hoping to grow my hair out so I can have it in a bun for the fall recital. I want to work on my atitude en demi.... and of course my multiple pirouettes. There are many more, but I am not going list them all!

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Oh geez, my list could go on for MILES!


But the main ones are:


Rotation Muscles

Stronger Abdominals


Keeping my weight out of my heels



Hefty list, I'd say!

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I ditto with DanaD on the lengthy list! But my bigs one are...


Using the flexibility I have, as I am fairly flexible :clover:


Working on TURNING!!!


Strength on pointe, it's been less than a year


Using more plie


And making sure my hands don't 'break' at the wrists when I'm concentrating!


Overall, I'm excited that the year is starting! I'm filled with new determination after attending a fabulous intensive this summer! :flowers: Good Luck to everyone! Let's make it count!

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My main goals:


-pointe shoes

-higher extension on developes

-full split on left leg

-really concentrating in centre

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