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exercises during break?


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Summer intensive is over :) and we have a month before regular lessons begin... What are some good exercises to help us keep in shape? (other than stretching) Do you have some pilates exercises to recommend, if so which ones?


Thank-you!! :P

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Just a truncated barre at home should be enough to tide you over. You don't have to do the whole barre, and you don't have to do many reps of any combination, just so you get things a little warmed up over the break. If you do some easy stretches before barre, include them. It shouldn't take over a half-hour.


PS. Ms. Leigh just pointed out to me that you're a new member MarieM. Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)

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Mariem, Pilates is great, but we do not recommend specific exercises, as we feel that those need to be learned with an Instructor. We do recommend Pilates, just not specific exercises. Doing your floor stretches and a barre at home is also a very good idea. :)

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