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Now they are home again


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DD has not been away to an Si for a couple of years but now after spending 6 weeks in NYC being responsible for herself we are all suffering in the return to family life. The summer was so calm without having to think about balancing schedules - and driving places. Life seems horribly chaotic again, as school her starts in TWO weeks! DD has summer assignments to finish and we really need to sit down and revise and establish new rules, and plans for the year. Hopefully DD will get her drivers licenses in the next few weeks but that adds a new layers of confusion.


How is everyone else handling the return of their darling dancers and getting set for the year to come?

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I sent mine off to summer camp :)


It will be an interesting new year for us too, as DD figures out how to juggle her new love (fencing) with her old one. Time will tell. She'll get smacked with it right away. Even thought the varsity season doesn't start until October, DD may have to decide in September whether to audition for Nutcracker -- in which she can reasonably expect a quite decent part -- or forego Nutcracker to attend a fencing tournament in Moscow.

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Resuming the insane drive is the hardest part. I had the same tank of gas for 5 weeks! DD came home and immediately started a local SI an hour of freeway driving away. She's gone from 9 am to 8 pm, so too long to wait it out, even with a laptop. You start to feel homeless, wandering among coffee shops to keep the staff from wondering if you brought your tent. So I drive home and back again. I'm at 2 tanks of gas in one week now.


I also felt the I'm-home-but-no- home attitude. She just turned 14 and was in a house with 13-18 year olds and one house mom who did all the cooking and cleaning. Talk about returning to reality! Chores? What are those again, mom? :thumbsup:


School doesn't start for another 3 weeks. I don't think I'll last much longer. :)

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...And I thought it was just me!! Hubby and I had a wonderful, quiet summer (helped that kid was uber happy at the SI, so she was set, too). Got her home, and she is recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed Friday. So she's sore, cranky and bored...and wants nothing more than to be able to take an open ballet class (they're available...but she's still perfecting standing w/out greying out...).


School in 2 weeks. She got most of her summer homework done, but still has the AP Euro test to study for. Still on pain meds (and this is a child that Advil makes loopy), so I don't think this moment is the best for retention of material.


Top that off with her upcoming changes this fall, from the pre-pro to the local university "prep" program's musical theatre and ballet classes...so there are monologues to learn, a voice teacher to meet, and a headshot would be nice (however, not while she still has the "chipmonk cheeks" from the surgery...although she IS having a good hair day :blushing: .)


But, still and all...took her on a field trip to the office supply store (one of her favorite places) to pick out school supplies this afternoon, she's narrowing down her audition choices for the MT program, and the post-surgical "woo-ees" are getting less every day. In a way, it's a calm before the storm, when we start up the commute (she still wants/needs a daily ballet "fix"), the homework, the desire to audition for the fall play, ETC!


It's good to have them home...but the summer quiet (and no agendas/needs but our own!) was good, too.

Happy End-of-Summer Reality Check to all of us!

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I have both ends of the spectrum...


One who I haven't seen but a minute all summer, and can't wait to reclaim in two more weeks. :wub:


And another who was a commuter for her SI, and I can't wait to send to GRANDMA's next week! :blushing:


The downside, is the recovery from Grandma. The formula for that is: [however many days they spent with Grandma] x 3 = the number of days it will take you to detox their behavior!


For the school year, I'll have one in the dorm and one commuting. And lots of wine. :wink:

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Great topic!

UUGGGGHHHHH! It was a nice, quiet summer. DD away from smaller DD so they couldn't fight really. We just got back from a week's vacation - very relaxing and nice to just NOT be on a schedule!! So I'm not really looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. Work and straight from work to pick up younger DD drop her off at the dance studio, turn around and get older DD and drop her off at the dance studio, bring younger DD home, make dinner, rush eating, wait - I forgot - have to prepare dinner for older DD to eat ON THE WAY to the studio or before her first class, turn around and pick her up most nights 8 or 9pm.

Why am I doing this again??? :wink: BUT I think it's time to go back as it may be quieter than having them be bored and fighting while they stay home and wait for school and dance to start! So I say, "I'll take the running just to get them out of the house!" :blushing:

And maybe I'll add a glass of wine to that too, lovemydancers (AFTER 9pm pick up of course) :thumbsup:


Mobadt :wub:

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We returned late Saturday night with DD from her 5 week intensive. We, and she, had a great 5 weeks. Sunday and most of Monday went smoothly, until she received the casting e-mail from her Pre-Pro company , for the Fall show. Now she's in a tailspin as her parts are not at all what she wanted or anticipated. Boy, it was nice to not have to deal with the drama of her school and company for 5 weeks! I guess we're back at it.

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Well, this is unexpectedly a bittersweet home-coming for our family. Our DD is back from her 5 week intensive, but life will be changing very soon for us all. She was invited to the year round program at the school, and after a terrible time of family deliberation, we have allowed her to go. I was just not at all ready for this, but she is 16, and more than ready. So, we are in a 'preparing DD for dorm' mode with now. We also had to work out her academics and so on. Busy times.


As I didn't think we'd have to do this until she was 18...it is taking an emotional toll on me, and other factors are playing into this decision in other areas of family life. She is our baby, and we will all miss her so much.


She is beyond excited and over the top for this new chapter in her life to begin, although she didn't really have any closure to her studio life/friends here because this was unexpected. She will definitely miss and mourn a bit for what would have been her last year/s at her home school. She will miss her friends and hopefully, us, her parents.


As I was relating my feelings of upset to my mother recently, she asked me this, "now where exactly did you think this was all going for her?" Meaning, that this was the path we'd helped her on, and all that she worked for, and now that it has arrived, why fret? So, I am trying to understand that this was indeed the hoped-for outcome, the natural progression. It just got here when I wasn't looking.

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Darlindancer, you just described the decision we are facing. When they get asked to stay. You know it's what you've been working for, you know it's what they need, it's a huge compliment and blessing, but the costs are beyond your comfort level. How do you have the courage to NOT bring them home.

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Thank you, danceonpointe...we are very proud. Scared and still a bit reluctant are how I am still feeling. But all the papers are signed and we are moving forward. Counting down the days....making time for special family time and lots of time for friends that she will miss.


Nightowl...oh yes, those new expenses. Blessings, yes, but costly ones. :angry2:

Where is your own family "at" in your decision for your child? It must be getting close to needing to make one. Best of luck to you and yours. Keep us posted. I'd "PM" you, but you aren't here long enough for that.

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