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Weirdest thing.


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Yesterday in pointe class, we were doing choreography to the Autumn Adagio from Vivaldi's four seasons. Theres one part in the choreography where there are a series of pique arabesques. On my last one, I literally couldn't roll down. I was kind of stuck. It sounds weird, I know, but I kind of had to hop down to get off pointe.

Do you have any suggestions on why this might have happened?




Thank You!

Dana D.

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Sounds like you might have gone over on it just a bit too far, which is way better than not going forward enough! At least when you go over too far you can save it with a failli. :blushing:

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No way for me to know that, Dana. You are the one wearing them, so you need to know when they are too soft. :blushing:

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