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Interesting and Inspirational Day!!!


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Hi Everyone!!


Hope everyone had a good day. :blushing:


I may have mentioned that as a returning student, I am looking to add more classes to my schedule.


WELL, the school is close to work and part of a ballet company. They have a Tuesday afternoon class, and I decided to use my lunch hour and take barre.


I called the school and talked to the AD, got directions, and went on my merry way. As (bad) luck would have it, I got terribly, horribly LOST--driving around in circles--terribly late and missing barre.


When I found the studio, I decided to poke my little head in the studio and see what the place looked like. Class was in the middle of barre stretching, and I was pleased to see a mixed group (age-wise) and everyone was dressed in a variation of traditional ballet dress.


I stepped outside, fixin' to head back to my car, when the door opened, and the ballet teacher stepped out with a big smile on her face. I explained (in a babbling fashion) that I got lost and that I was SOOO sorry. She was soooo nice as were the adults in the class.) She invited me to finish up the class, but because I was so late and missed most of barre, I asked her (and the class) if I could observe. Everyone was very gracious--including the AD who felt bad that I got so lost--and I sat and watched.


When I got ready to leave, I popped into the AD's office to thank him and to say good-bye. Sure enough, we got to talking about my dance experience, his experience, art. He invited me to stretch and do my own barre in their small studio, but I had to get back to work (much to his chagrin :wub: ).


He told me that he began ballet as an adult, and he had a special fondness for adult dancers. To that end, he is opening up more classes in the fall for adults. By the time I left, I felt like I had a new BFF. :wink:


Being there today was so positive--even if I didn't get to dance. Everyone was warm and interested. I'm excited to go back next week!!


Based on what I saw at barre--I MAY have to modify, but that's okay. The dancers in the company are teachers.


SO--if you're new and returning and nervous (like me! :thumbsup: ), do it anyway!!! :) You totally can!!


(Sorry if I sound like a cheerleader, but I had such a good, positive experience! I will keep you updated.



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That's a really inspiring story.. I'm glad you found such a nurturing community!!


Thank you!! Actually, what I really enjoyed, was observing. In my own clss, I'm concentrating on watching the teacher and thinking about my own steps. It was nice to watch and take something in and watch how the teacher corrected the students and the suggestions she made,


I should have brought a notebook--just like college--LOL!!!

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I'm so totally envious of you. Though my studio is VERY welcoming to adults, having a totally adult class is something I've only experienced in Richmond, lately.


Wish that studio was near me! You're going to love it, I can tell! :-)

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I'm so totally envious of you. Though my studio is VERY welcoming to adults, having a totally adult class is something I've only experienced in Richmond, lately.


Wish that studio was near me! You're going to love it, I can tell! :-)


I AM excited, though a bit nervous--I'm wishing I could walk into class next Tuesday and somehow magically be 1000% improved!! So I do feel a bit nervous--well, really nervous, so I'm having to give myself the peptalk, which goes something like, "Self, if you want to improve, then you need to take more classes."


And, because I am so hard on myself--it's so easy to be critical when you're dancing--that my new peptalk goal is to find two things from each class that I did well. :)


I sm envious of your Richmond experience!! It has been fun to read about people going and what they're bringing...and everyone's experiences while they were there. I would like to make that one of my dance goals--so I have something to work towards.


I am surprised how many schools DON'T have more adult ballet offerings--it just seems like there is such an interest in it--and it is SO good for you.

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Before I went overseas, there were loads of adult classes around where I lived. Seven years later, on coming back, there are hardly any. I think it's because adults tend to drop in and out as life intervenes (or interest wanes, or injuries occur), so it's not really money-making to have adult ballet classes. I know that over the course of the year, in the teen/adult class I was taking, we lost about half the class. It ended up being me, an adult, and a bunch of teens from 11-17, at the end.


Richmond this year was my goal to keep on with ballet. It's my goal again next year, to be in a higher level class and intermediate pointe, if possible. I'm only worried about my ankles. They hurt ALL the time, so it's been very hard to do my best. EVERY class is painful. :-(

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