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Wide Elastic Belt


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Does anyone know where to find 6 inch wide elastic? My son had a belt made from wide elastic that he wore almost daily and it was misplaced during his SI. I have not had any luck with internet searches for a source for elastic this wide. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions! Thanks!!

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Thanks so much!! I will place an order with tutu.com right away. I didn't think of looking there. I usually just order the girl stuff from them, but it appears they do have quite a lot of things for the guys. Thanks again!

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They actually belts like that at Kirov. They're black. I know the boys had to buy them. So if your son is still looking for something - and you don't want to make it - perhaps he could connect with someone over there and they could get some for him. Last time DS bought some they were about $10 each. But pretty long-lasting.

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Thanks, Cheetah! DS's original belt came from Kirov. I will give them a call and ask if they sell them to non-Kirov students. I'm pretty sure he still knows some kids over there who might be able to get one for him. If not, I'll just make one -- it's not such a big deal really.

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If they won't sell him one, PM me and I'll give you the names of the boys there that he still knows. My DS is still out of town or I'd have him take care of it for you.

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