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August celebrations


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This is my "triumph" for this week!!


I checked out a new school to add more classes!!! :yes:


I start "said" classes next week.


My combinations looked...well...pretty okay: I liked my balances tonight...the whole combo was pretty good. :)


AND--this is most important: I figured out how to tie my skirt (worn for the first time), so it wouldn't fall off!!! :)


Oh--one more thing: we had a different teacher, so we did different things. I liked it.


Ballet makes me happy even though I'm sore now. :)

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One of my students just came back from the ABT Austin SI.


She received a good amount of attention and ended up with a solo in the performance. :huh:


Here's my moment though...


Her mom was talking to MS. Spizzo after the performance, and Ms. Spizzo told her to tell me regarding my student... my compliments to the chef. :angry2:

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Well, I guess I could say that I'm excited about going to Richmond next weekend and that I had my first class after some minor surgery and I did okay. I made it through class with no bad kind of pain, just the general soreness of doing something your body hasn't done in a while. Doing "okay" was a thrill for me after all of the stuff that has gone on with my body this summer. I guess I've grown up some, none of the angst about being so perfect at everything, now I can be quite happy with okay. :wacko:


See some of you next week! :wink:

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Good for you!! Any kind of surgery (even minor) can takes its toll--way to go on an awesome recovery--have fun next week!! And "okay" rocks!!!! :)

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I felt a lot more relaxed this week in class and was even able to really feel like I was dancing the adagio last night (and I usually really don't like adagio). I had fun!

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My celebration will be coming true next week when I'm returning ballet class after a year's hiatus!


I've been only able to attend classes when I've been back home in Helsinki, so not very often (hardly ever), but I'm moving back to Finland because of my new dance-related work (I'm starting as a producer-managed of a contemporary dance company which makes me also very excited! :ermm:) which also means that barre, here I come! :D And also I can return BT, although I've been reading the forum of course but haven't had anything to write.


I know I'll be dead after the first weeks so I don't have very high expectations of my performance (I have lost all the strenght and stamina :dry: ) but I don't care. Or I hope I don't care. :rolleyes: Well, maybe by Christmas I'll be back in the game, so to speak.


But for these happy things I could buy you all a case of champagne! :P

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How wonderful, Jans! I'm so glad that you'll be coming back to our forum as I've missed you so much! I know that you will do wonderfully in your new job back in your home country. You will be a little sore going back to ballet but your mind and spirit will so happy! :flowers: I know that you've missed ballet a lot because of your busy job schedule so I'm also happy to hear that your new job involves dancing. Please let us all know how it goes.

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My degree offer is confirmed, I AM going to attend a full time dance degree in September!!







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Thanks spinbug!! As you may have understood of my e-mail I'm "a little bit" excited. :innocent::lol: I'm happy too that I can return to dance in many ways, and I'm kind of looking forward to finding my muscles again. Although I know that I will regret saying this but anyways. B)



Chinafish, that's fantastic, congrats!!! :D

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Much smaller thing, but I'm pretty happy anyhow. A few months ago I started taking some classes from a new teacher - she does more jazz than ballet but she's very good. I found her petite allegro impossible at first - I'd get maybe 20% through the enchainment and just collapse, week after week. (It's way to fast for me - I call it "petite presto" - and also longer and more complex than I can handle.) I still can't do it right, but for the last few weeks I have been able to get back into it halfway through and not just drop out. I can see that I will eventually be able to keep up. Today, after a week off for a bad cold, it was even better than the week before!


I am still astounded at this adventure. It's like computers, which I have used for more than 40 years. Every couple years they quadruple in memory, speed etc. It never ends. In the same way, I can do things every year that were inconceivable the year before, even though real excellence is as far beyond me as it ever was. I am humbled, in the most rewarding and delightful way! :D

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I cpontinue to be humbled as well, olddude. nothing like taping rehearsals to see it.


I dance for a small contemporary company and have started to record our rehearsals. It's something I was used to when I danced in a pro company, and I'm SO GLAD I started doing it again. Now I know exactly what I need to fix. So much better doing it now, rather than getting a shock from the performance tape:)


I wish I had more time for classes, but my job is going so well, I'm really feeling satisfied and challenged at work for a change. It's nice.

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I received compliments on a developé and my turns last night! I'm sure it was meant as encouragement, but I'll take it. :P

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