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core strength question


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My 12 yo finished her intensive this summer and we have been very happy to find out that our home studio continues to provide great training. The recommendation that she received in her evaluation was to keep doing what she is doing with respect to ballet classes, but to add pilates to really work on developing her core strength. My question is - how much pilates is recommended at this age to make a difference on her strength (we plan on starting with 2 classes a week)? And will her ballet classes also continue to improve core strength as she matures? She is unbelievably flexible and struggles to keep everything "held together" -mostly in the center. I understand why pilates will help, but I am trying to figure out how much will actually make a difference at this point and if a lot of this will correct itself with time and regular daily classes.



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Two/week is fine to start. You find out more as you go along, especially when there's apparatus involved. What she's studying is ballet; always keep that in mind. The Pilates is a supplement, seldom an end in itself.

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Will working on my daughter's core strength through pilates help her to find her center? This is one place where she has really struggled and it just hasn't been happening.

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It will probably help, although the ballet is what will be the final determinant.

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And maturity. In some types of bodies, particularly those who are long and loose, the strength takes longer.

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you are right VICTORIA.. my DD is really loose and long.. so we have been doing conditioning classes for the past 6 months & I have seen much improvement in center.. she holds her leg up after letting go through stretching.. also she doesnt stumble when she is on pointe that much.. her adagio is much more stable when she is on arabesque position.. <sp?>


It also has improved on her knees since the corrections have been made in using the right body muscles for proper turnout.. totally recommend it!!!


Sorry she does conditioning classes not pilates.. Hmmm is there a difference? please explain.. pilates/gyro/conditioning..

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