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I just got back from Camp and it was great. I will get around to a proper personal review elsewhere but I have some info for those of you going to the last camp to save you some trouble and maybe some cash.

I left a bunch of stuff with Heidi on the last day of Camp, and then some more at the hotel for her to pick up when I checked out of the hotel that I didn't care to take home or really couldn't on a plane.

The big one was a large tub for foot soaking. I already told my male classmate who plans to go right back, so he may claim it as fast as he can, or it may be around for someone else to grab for ice baths during the day at the studio. There was also some peroxide and rubbing alcohol, a few freezer bags, two gel ice packs, and some toiletries in case several more people turn up without their luggage. Would you believe we had a flight attendant at camp without her luggage? All she had was her purse with her slippers in it.

I can't remember everything, but there was a travel size bottle of hair spray, some Crest dental rinse. This was handy before partnering class which was conveniently right after lunch one day for my level.

Check before you go on the grocery run because there was also half a bottle of Woolite that my roommate and I didn't finish and we washed tights and leo's nearly every night.

One more thing, I bought and used a water pitcher in my hotel room for mixing up powdered electrolyte drink mixes that I brought with me rather than buying many bottles of propel water. I rinsed it out as best I could and left it too.

Reminder. If there is no refrigerator in your room when you get there, complain immediately. You are supposed to have one, and if you are lucky you might have one of the larger ones. If you have to complain to get one at all, ask for the larger one rather than the small cube if you plan on putting much of anything in there and crank the setting as cold as you can for the sake of your ice packs.

Several people at the last camp didn't realize they were supposed to have one and didn't realize it until the last 2 days. That is a lot of trips to the ice machine.


Remember this is not just camp, it is training camp. Don't bother bringing reading material fro more than you need for your travel days. You will want the sleep.

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