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So, I think my mom has given up on me.


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So, as some of you know, I am attending a performing arts school next year. That means that I will be taking 10 classes there a week. I also attend classes at 2 pre-pro studios, where I have to meet my minimum at both, which is 4 at Studio "A" (no pointe) and 5 at Studio "B". I think my mother thouroughly hates dance today because of this.


I cannot stop taking classes at either pre-pro studio, because I get different things from each studio. From Studio A, I get good corrections on pull up, turn out, and technique, while at Studio B, I get corrections on Stage presence, artistry, port de bras, and also technique, but not as much as studio A. Also, Studio A has contemporary, which they do not have at Studio B, but Studio B has much larger studios and a nicer facility. I wish I could roll both studios into one.


School gets out at 4:15, and classes start at 4:30 in a different city. I was going to ask the studio if it would be possible to arrive late as in 5 minutes. Many of the girls go to this school, and they somehow make it to class. IF they say yes, that means classes at Studio A are okay. Studio B classes are later in the day and easy to make.


My mom screamed at me today because of it. She doesn't want to drive me anywhere, even though I explained to her that I can't STOP taking classes all together! She doesn't understand why I need to take my limit at both places, and why I cannot just take 2 classes somewhere and 3 at the other studio. She says she takes me seriously, but she acts as if this isn't what I want to do with my life, and I am just "joking."


Grades aren't a problem. I have had a high GPA for the last 3 years, and I always manage to get everything done. She says because I am entering High School, things will be harder, but I was taking AP classes at my old school, which was equivalent to 9th grade work.


I am so stressed right now, because if it was up to my mother, I wouldn't take class at all. I just don't know what to do right now!

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Dana, it sounds to me like it's time for one of your professional school teachers to have a conversation with your Mom. She needs to hear from them that you have the talent and ability to make a career in dance, and that the only way to do that is with both the quality and quantity of training needed to train a professional dancer.

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