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Free workshop in London


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Amateur ballet company, Balletomane, is looking for new company dancers. If you are an enthusiastic adult dancer who is interested in performing classical ballet, please come to our workshop for a taster session and an opportunity to see what it is like to be a company dancer.


The workshop will take place at Marylebone Studios in Sunday August 31st, and will include an Elementary level ballet class, men’s work, and a classical variation for the ladies.


If you are interested in attending or want more information, please visit our website, www.balletomane.co.uk and click on ‘Free Workshop’. There you will find further details of the workshop, how to register, and information about entering our company through the Apprenticeship Program.


Spaces are limited so register soon!!


I've posted this here as this seems ot be the group that be most relevant to. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Chinafish or me. I joined balletomane 2 years ago when Chinaish posted about it, and it inspired us both so much -this year we're both starting full time dance training.

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We used to be all the way out in Ickenham, but now we're back in Central London! No more 2 hour commutes!!


I urge any adult dancers out there to come, we're a really friendly bunch and we don't bite. :D


See you all soon!!



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We used to be all the way out in Ickenham, but now we're back in Central London! No more 2 hour commutes!!

Dang - I wouldn't mind 2 hours, but 5000 miles is a little too far!


Best wishes to both of you - I'm much better than last year, but nowhere near your level of excellence. I do have friends in Southampton though. Maybe in a few years? :D

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Alas, I am also a bit too far away to give it a shot. Bummer. :yes:

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I have enquired about this free workshop and got a very nice e-mail reply.


I explained that I was practicing for RAD grade 5.The reply was that this workshop would be well suited and a help to my grade 5 work.


I shall do my best to get there.

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We had the workshop today, and had 10 visitors to the company. We were so pleased to have such great response. I hope that you all that came had a nice time.

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I enjoyed the workshop.It was good to do some ballet away from my grade 5 work.


I also enjoyed watching the rehearsals after the workshop.



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