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Today I was talking to my studio's artistic director. She said that I could be a really great

dancer and start getting solos as I get a little older, but that I sometimes doubt myself

which makes me not try as much as I can. How can I try to have more confidence in my dancing?

I keep comparing myself to my dance friends and how they can jump wayyyyy higher

and how they're more flexible. I try to stay positive, but I can't help but compare myself

to other girls. I really want to become a better dancer and to get solos like my teacher

says I can, but I just always feel intimidated by everyone... Help?! Thanks!

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Comparing oneself to others is not a bad thing; but just stewing about what they can do better is! Benchmark what it is about other dancers that you like. Use that as a measure to work toward and if possible, past that accomplishment. Use your teacher and work hard. No fear! :)

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That's a good idea! :) I should use the other girls abilities as goals. And I've been

thinking about what I'm good at which is technique! I guess technique with one turn

is better than no technique with three turns. Thanks!

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Oops! A couple parents posted in this 7 year-old thread in the Young Dancers Forum by mistake and several posts had to be removed.

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Thanks so much for posting this! It's useful because I've been going though the same thing.


I'm in love with this site... :wub:

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