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Big toe joint pain after pointe


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Not quite sure where to put this.... (pointe shoe forum?)


Sometimes towards the end and after a pointe work session or class the big toe joint in my right foot gets sore (not really sore, nothing to wince in pain about or anything), but I was wondering if this happens to many people or just me? :) I think I have the beginnings of a bunion on that foot, could that be why?

Might something like Bunheads bunion buster help, seeing as it's said to 'relieve pressure on the big toe joint'?


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Please ask your teacher to take a look at your feet to see if a visit to the podiatrist might be to your advantage. Bunions run in families. Do others in your family have this condition? Your pointe shoes may also be too small. Remember you are a growing young lady. That means your feet too! :) Hands on attention is definitely warranted. :thumbsup:

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Thank you! I didn't want to make a fuss out of nothing if it was normal, but I'll definitely ask my teacher and try and sort it now :) One person in my family (an aunt) has bunions, but it's since I've been on pointe that I think it's started developing...

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Please understand, this is the Young Dancer's Forum. Only moderators and young dancers are permitted to post in this forum. Thank you for understanding. :)

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Yeah I have a similair problem where usually about an hour into class my big toe feels like its popped out of its joint, so after class when i take my point shoes off I crack it and it feels normal after that. Does anyone know why that is and if its dangerous?

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Well, it sounds as though it might be a good idea to have a doctor look at your toes. The "popped out of its joint" part worries me...

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