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I don't know if this would go in "pointe shoes" or not..

Le Fantome De L'Opera

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But I just started dancing. (I'm more into singing and acting, I'd like to go on Broadway and I need to be able to dance, as well, which is why I take ballet.)


I have a question about pointe. I have been told that I need to have strong core muscles and strong and flexible ankles in order to go on pointe. I know since I started late I can't expect to go on pointe too quickly, but I can't QUITE point my foot in a straight line in relation to my lower leg. Does this have to go with bone structure and I'll never be able to, or do I just need more flexible ankles and I'll be able to eventually?


And if I'll be able to get on pointe eventually, can you please give me some excersises to do so that I may accquire more flexible ankles or whatever I need to be able to do to go on pointe?


I don't expect to be able to soon because I just started, but I'd like to be able to in a few years at least.

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No, the issue is not about pointe shoes, it is about pointework itself. For starters, here's a classic from the stickies at the head of this forum:




If you've just started, then you have three years to do lots and lots of tendus, degagés, frappés, pas de chevals and to get a really good position sur le cou de pied.

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