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I am a relatively flexible dancer (I can split in all directions), but I struggle to get my leg past 90 degrees devant and a la seconde and hold it there. Grand battements and quick extensions aren't a problem. My arabesque and penche lines look beautiful in comparison to my very poor front and side leg raises.


Although I am not hundred percent sure, I think what I'm lacking is the strength in my legs in order to keep them up. If this is the case, what can I do to build more strength? :D

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The matter is probably not in your legs; I'll bet that they are plenty strong enough. What you need to build is the legendary "core strength" - the strongness of the muscles in the torso, especially in the lower abdominal region. You have to "draw in your bowels, man" and lift up through the body, so that your extensions have a support from the center of your body. It's like a construction crane. If there isn't a firmly mounted center, then the arm can't lift very high at all!

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